Tiger Schulmann’s

Shannon T.

Patience, encouragement, teamwork, self-discipline…these are some of the things taught in addition to martial arts “moves”.

Bill W.

Great martial arts curriculum. Amazing environment made up a wonderful group of eclectic students with terrific instruction. I recommend this school to everyone – young or old; with a prior martial arts background or not.

Ashley K.

We are extremely happy with Tiger Schulmann’s. Sensei, Senpai and Joshu are incredible role models that my children highly look up to. My children have gained confidence, as well as learned live long lessons from the instructors.

Evan M.

My life changed forever when I joined Tiger Schulmann’s! The knowledge I have gained along with the friendships I have made is more than I could’ve ever asked for when I decided to join. I’ll forever be grateful for Sensai and everyone else.

Michael H.

Sensei Evensen and his team are top-notch! He is fair, straightforward, unassuming, works with his students in an easy-going manner that fosters learning and growth, and trains his instructors well. If you are looking for a non-Cobra Kai (aggressive/angry/needlessly intense) place to learn martial arts, are willing to put in the work, can take instruction […]