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The 4 Winning Entries in the Tiger Schulmann’s Facebook Photo Contest!

Last Updated on November 18, 2013.

Tiger Schulmann’s launched its first ever Facebook Photo Contest, which ran from 10/30/13 to 11/15/13. The official TSMMA Facebook page hosted the contest and a built-in voting system determined the winners. The criteria of the contest was to enter a photo of yourself representing Tiger Schulmann’s MMA and include a brief description on the benefits you received from training at Tiger Schulmann’s. When the contest began, the rules stated that the top 2 vote-getters, when the contest concluded, would receive a free month of classes! But with over 60 entries and vote totals reaching 5000, Tiger Schulmann’s was proud to award the top 4 vote-getters as the winners of the contest. Tiger Schulmann’s would like to thank everyone who participated in the contest, making the first ever Facebook Photo Contest a success. If you missed the excitement, the contest is still available for viewing purposes on our facebook page. – Click here. More fun and exciting contests, and promotions will be taking place in the near future on our Facebook page.So be sure to visit the page regularly to stay up to date.

Below are the 4 Winning Entries in the Tiger Schulmann’s Facebook Photo Contest! Congratulations!

“Non Quitting Spirit” non-quitting spirit

“Shihan Schulmann with Sempai Rodriguez on this day I reached on of my many goals. With the help & support of my tsmma family I feel the sky’s the limit. I have enjoyed every minute of my journey one step at a time. OSU”

EJ the Beast!!

EJ the Beast

Ej loves to represent TSMMA at all the NAGA’s! He gets to meet new people, show sportsmanship, exercise non-quitting spirit, and best of all he gets to show off what this organization has taught him over the years. Here he is proud of winning 1st place twice in the expert division. He was happy and excited to show his belt to his sensei and friends. (HQ and Sensei D. Tirelli’s student)

Tsmma Is My Life
TSMMA Is My Life

I been a student at tsmma since I was 5years old. Tsmma is not a hobby, after school program nor isn’t a sport, tsmma is my life. I don’t train just for tournament, competition and belt test, I train because I love it!! I’m from spanish harlem and my parents sacrifice to send me to tsmma , so I won’t get bully. Tsmma has taught me many things, like self discipline, confidence, non quitting spirit, and how to defend myself. I have use this qualities in school, sports and my daily life. Tsmma is my other home , where my family lives!!!

Life Changing Loss 100 Pounds… And Promotion to Blue Belt

Life Changing Loss 100 Pounds

On 10/9/12 I called Sensei Campbell at TSMMA Feasterville informing him me I was way now north of 350 pounds pushing 400lbs and telling him how he would have to work with him we set up his first class. I told him I had recently gotten married, but the last year had been tough as I had lost both his father and his beloved dogs who had been his best friend for years. This had led to depression and an increase in his already stunning weight.

He asked me question. “How long are you going to live if you don’t make some changes to your life?”

I replied, “Maybe I’ll make it to forty.”

Sensei told me flatly that if I made it to forty I would be lucky. So on 10/11/12 I started class at TSMMA Feasterville and it has literally saved my life. Sensei said in his blog 10 months later (8/7/13), “Stan was the heaviest student I’ve ever trained and logically it made sense he would be in the worst shape. He didn’t let me down on that one, but more importantly he hasn’t let me down since.

In August 2013 I went to the Doctor and the Doctor told me I was his poster boy for healthy living from his people trying to improve their life I have lost amazingly one hundred pounds in ten months with the assistance of TSMMA Feasterville and Sensei Campbell. Further my blood pressure has dropped precipitously and my motivation has increased in direct proportion.

At the time of this picture was taken I have been training for 10 months and went five weeks in a row training for seven hours or more. On August 26, 2013 my hard work paid off and in this photo I was promoted to my TSMMA Blue Belt.