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The 90 Day Challenge Finish Line

Last Updated on April 13, 2015.

kickboxing 90 day challenge

Dear 90 Day Challenge Participants,


Congratulations on your participation and journey through TSMMA’s 90 Day Challenge.


The Weight Loss and Transformation Challenge started back on January 19th and officially concludes on April 19th!


$20,000 in prizes are now set to be awarded to 12 winners of the contest and are detailed below.

90 Day Challenge Prizes

If you choose to compete for prizes and stated so on your application, please follow the contest guidelines to ensure proper entry:


1) Before and After photos must be submitted to TSMMA location by Monday April 20th.


2) Photos should be emailed or brought into the school on a thumb drive. Refer to the photo guidelines below for qualifications:


3) Please wear the same clothes (or very similar clothing) worn in your “Before” photos.


4) The Following Photos are to be submitted:


  • Front Facing (face to camera)
  • Rear Facing (back to camera)
  • Side View (right or left side facing camera)


5) Winners will be required to attend a promotional photo shoot at Tiger Schulmann’s Headquarters in Elmwood Park, NJ — approximately one week after the conclusion of the contest.


6) Winners will be chosen by a panel of TSK Franchise Systems, Inc. personnel, and will be judged on each entrant’s “Before” and “After” photos.


Thank you again for your particpation in the 90 Challenge. We are excited to see the results!


Tiger Schulmann’s MMA