Tiger Schulmann’s

The Amazing Transformation of TSMMA Abington Student Anton Werner!

Last Updated on October 24, 2011.

Almost 1 year ago Anton walked into TSMMA Abington to begin his training. At age 46, he felt horrible all the time, had no energy. His life consisted of work and then sitting at home. He was 335lbs and knew he had to do something because he was headed in the wrong direction. “I was done, they saved me” He says about his state of health prior to starting. He began Tiger Schulmann’s program of kickboxing for exercise and followed their nutritional program. In less then a year he lost a total of almost 100lbs, he looks great and feels great now! “Anton is proof that amazing transformations are possible with proper nutrition, regular exercise, and the right coach” says his instructor Sensei James Garzillo. “Anton is a great student, and I am extremely proud of what he is accomplished in the last year. Its been really fun watching him have a great time in class while losing all the weight. The first step is the hardest, but your health is the most important asset you own, a year from now you can be in a better place like Anton, or you can be still where you are saying you need to get in shape!”


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