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The Best Activity for Preschoolers is Karate in Wayne NJ

Last Updated on August 20, 2014.

Most people aren’t sure what age is right to get their children involved in karate.  How young is too young?  At Tiger Schulmann’s Mixed Martial Arts, where karate has been the only thing being taught for over 30 years, the answer is simple.  3 and 4 years old, is the perfect age to start this preschool activity!

Preschool karate gives your child the foundation for success!

Karate classes for your preschooler starting now in Wayne NJ
Kids listening intently about life lessons in karate class


Young enough that they will learn like a sponge.  Kids this age will start to develop amazing skills and be hooked on a lifelong journey.  Some of the best teenage martial arts students started at this perfect age. See Tiger Schulmann’s You Tube Channel, “Why do You Love Tiger Schulmann’s”. Even though the martial arts is what teaches focus and discipline, it is at this young age that children have developed a baseline level of discipline and can actually stay involved and engaged for a 45 minute karate class.

preschool karate classes for you young ones is the key to building a strong foundation for life
If you want to see your child becoming more disciplined every class then call, click or call today!

Preschool age children will develop motor skills, balance and coordination through Tiger Schulmann’s Karate Cubs program.  Kids this age need something to help fine tune their development in these areas and karate is the perfect tool.  Young children often develop intense attachment to their parents at this age, and a socialization program like this preschool activity will work wonders with separation anxiety in most youngsters.


The next session starts soon and pre registration is starting to fill up, so call, click or stop in today to get your child enrolled in the best preschool activity around at Tiger Schulmann’s Karate Cubs in Wayne NJ.


Not to worry if your child is already 5 or older.  Tiger Schulmann’s Kids Martial Arts program has been around for over 30 years and thousands of kids have become better at LIFE with TS MMA in their corner.




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