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The Key to Bullying Prevention is Confidence

Last Updated on August 26, 2014.

A study conducted by news giant CNN cited the 95% of high school students are somehow involved in bullying.  Most being bullied and some actually bullying others; 80% being bullied and 15% bullies.  Bullying Prevention is our goal.

Bullying Prevetion is as simple as building confidence through kids martial arts
Many children deal with bullying everyday. Help your child break the cycle.

Tiger Schulmann’s Mixed Martial Arts has been helping students become part of the other 5% for more than 30 years. What can stop a child from playing the game of bully or get bullied? Tiger Schulmann’s has proven during their 30 year history to hold the answer.

Bullying prevention comes from building confidence.
Your child will become more confident through training at Tiger Schulmann’s

Sensei S. Zapfel teaches Wayne students the essential techniques to stop bullying.

Being bullied or bullying others stems from the same issue, lack of self-confidence. Bullies try and gain that ever elusive popular status to improve their own confidence by putting down others. Meanwhile, victims allow such behavior because of their own fear of confronting a bully.

Bullying Prevention For Wayne NJ and Pequannock NJ

Bullying Prevention lies completely in the hands o each individual
Put an end to bullying for your child with Tiger Schulmann’s MMA Training

“What we do in our classes is teach the most effective techniques to stand up to bullies physically,” says Tiger Schulmann’s Wayne Owner and Head Instructor Scott Zapfel. “By knowing the physical techniques to confront a bully, our students also gain the confidence to stand up for themselves verbally.”

Students build confidence through achievement in Tiger Schulmann’s MMA program.

Zapfel teaches his Wayne area students the various levels of bullying, how to identify it as early as possible, and how to best handle each situation properly.

“Our program teaches kids to be empowered, not to rely on anyone but themselves to stop bullying.”

School programs, such as the “No-tolerance” Policy,  that discourage students from standing up for themselves often cause increased bullying.  The victim can’t stand up for himself at the right time to do so  to end the issue, and if they tells on the other kids, he or she is now a “tattletale”.  Both of these situations do not help in this dynamic..

“Teachers and administrators have sought out answers to this problem for years without success. No tolerance policies and outside anti-bullying programs have actually made the issue worse according to some research: http://www.uta.edu/news/releases/2013/09/jeong-bullying.php

TS MMA students learn self-defense techniques for virtually any situation, standing up or on the ground!

Bullying Prevention should not only be taught as a stand up skill but also on the ground
Kids not only learn self defense while standing, but what happens when the encounter goes to the ground?

Students don’t need help from fellow students or teachers after learning the techniques of Mixed Martial Arts taught by Zapfel. Tiger Schulmann’s curriculum has been perfected over 30 years, helping more than 100,000 young students stand up to bullying.

If you think your child could use the Self-Confidence of Tiger Schulmann’s MMA in Wayne NJ and Pequannock NJ call today or register online for a FREE class to see how Sensei Zapfel can help you!

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