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The Legend of Pearl Cave KICKS OFF at Tiger Schulmann’s

Last Updated on October 24, 2014.

Author David Akseizer and Joshu Murray
Author David Akseizer and Joshu Murray

by Figlo Press

On Saturday October 18th, David Akseizer attended Tiger Schulmann’s annual Bully Shield in Paramus, New Jersey for his first-ever book signing. The event’s purpose is to help children understand that bullying is a cyclical process and to discover ways to prevent it. Specifically, students learned how to overcome bullying at its early stages to hinder it from developing into a persistent action. The martial arts atmosphere was the perfect setting for David’s initial book signing, as he also was able to address similar themes found within his novel, such as standing up for yourself. Attendees also had the privilege of being the first to purchase a copy of The Legend of Pearl Cave.
When David first arrived, children surrounded him from every direction. They naturally gravitated toward the wonderful, interactive table setup that consisted of freshly printed books and an iPad looping a trailer for The Legend of Pearl Cave. David began autographing copies of his book, writing the catchphrase “Be Brave” above his signature. Afterwards, the author had a chance to speak with the kids. He reminded them to be confident, brave and always face challenges with courage.
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