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Last Updated on August 20, 2014.

We are not a “Paper Tiger”

The definition of a “paper tiger” is something that appears to be threatening but is actually ineffectual.

Unfortunately, most of the martial arts schools in this area are just that. They spend a lot of time on antiquated techniques that have some exercise value but do little to prepare a person for a street self-defense situation. Even schools that do teach techniques that may be used for self-defense, teach them in such a way that it will take many years before a student will understand how to translate what they are learning into moves that can be used in a real life confrontation.

Self-defense requires effective striking with hands and legs
Front kicks stop attackers

At our school we teach an empowering streetwise self-defense system that can stop virtually any attack. Our curriculum, designed by Master Ron Schulmann, was developed to enable students to defend themselves more quickly. Highly experienced instructors, with an average of 15 years experience, teach techniques exactly the way they would be used in a self-defense situation. Our teaching method translates directly to self-defense against all types of confrontation.

Our teaching method translates directly to self-defense


self-defense using powerful hand techniques
powerful punches

The techniques taught in Tiger Schulmann’s are chosen based on effectiveness, how easy they are to learn, how safe they are to practice and they don’t depend on strength.

Our children learn to use their self-defense in the event that a bullying situation becomes physical. Very quickly they become confident that they can handle themselves in any situation. They can handle themselves against any attack regardless of the attackers size. Adults learn how to use their body for maximum power so they they can be sure they are safe when walking down the street or out with their families. Tiger Schulmann’s Mixed Martial Arts is like a self-defense insurance policy. You want to be covered in the event of an emergency.

Regardless of your reason for wanting to learn self-defense, you don’t want it to take years for you to figure it out. You want to be able to defend yourself right away if the need were to arise. That’s what we do! People that know how to defend themselves usually don’t have to anyway because their confidence is sensed by the would be attackers.

The best way to understand it is to come in and try a FREE class. Experience Tiger Schulmann’s method of self-defense and you will undersrtand why it is for you or your children.

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