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Tiger Schulmann’s – Adult Martial Arts Commercial – The Parking Lot

Last Updated on October 20, 2015.

The fifth installment in the “Nothing Else is Tiger Schulmann’s Marital Arts commercial series. This installment, titled the “Parking Lot,” focuses on adults, as a mugger attacks a female in a dark parking lot.  A true nightmare experience for any age group and gender. Although the commercial spins the altercation in a lighthearted manner, the ability for one to defend themselves is an invaluable life skill.  Tiger Schulmann’s adult martial arts and kickboxing classes not only get you in the best shape of your life but also teach you practical self defense techniques that have been tested and proven both in the streets and in world class competition.

adult martial arts -parking lot
The woman in the commercial was fortunate that her involvement in the book club was enough to scare away her attacker, but what if it wasn’t? All jokes aside, Tiger Schulmann’s adult martial arts program prepares their students for all situations like this. Most students come in for a great workout, but all leave class with a confidence and a martial arts skill set that they take with them for life. Carrying yourself with such a confidence greatly reduces your chance to become a target or victim of an attack. Muggers tend to look for signs of weakness in their targets,and to combat that, Tiger Schulmann’s Martial Arts programs are designed to strengthen your mind and body. Ultimately, there are other great activities but nothing else is Tiger Schulmann’s.

Nothing Else Is Tiger Schulmann’s

“Nothing Else is Tiger Schulmann’s” when it comes to offering a proven adult martial arts and kickboxing program. With over 30 years experience, the Tiger Schulmann’s organization has carefully crafted this program to effectively meet the fitness and life skill needs of adults . The adult martial arts and kickboxing classes are safe, fun, and stress reliving, all while delivering a high intensity workout that can not be duplicated.

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