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Last Updated on May 4, 2012.


Dear Students and Parents,

This is our friend Tommie Lukowski. He is 23 years old and still volunteers as much as he can to help our local fire department. During our senior of high school, his family began to suffer when his father passed away. Shortly thereafter, Tommie was diagnosed with bone cancer. The doctors removed the bone from his right elbow and attempted to replace it with a prosthetic piece. Unfortunately, Tommie’s body rejected it and his arm has been filled with infections ever since. Between this and many other things that have gone wrong, Tommie has had over 40 surgeries. More recently he was diagnosed with leukemia which required a stem cell transplant from his sister. Throughout this time, doctors are working hard to help Tommie regain his health, however one problem always leads to another and things always seem to go wrong. Within the last month, Tommie has become very weak due to loss of muscle and tissue in h is arm as well as the severe atrophy in his lower body. Despite the fact that he has had to experience all of this, he remains positive and always asks how he can help YOU. Please help our friend Tommie fight his battle.  We have provided a link to all the information about our event coming up, and in order to make it a success we are asking for your help! You don’t have to be present to participate, but you’ve gotta be in it to win it!! Who wouldn’t want a chance to win an $8,000.00 vacation? See attached for details. Thank you in advance for your kind consideration! Click Here for Raffle Flyer


Joshu Lindsay Salzman and the East Brunswick Staff

[email protected]