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Tiger Schulmann’s – Kids Martial Arts Commercial – The Hat

Last Updated on September 24, 2015.


This is the fourth and final installment in the “Nothing Else is Tiger Schulmann’s” kids martial arts commercial series. This installment focuses on an all too familiar situation that most kids can relate to. We all have been there growing up, either we have been the victim, seen this happen to another child, or in some circumstances may have even been the person performing this. This boy gets his hat taken by the bully. This is what we call level 2 bullying, where it’s gone beyond verbal bullying but not quite to the physical point. The bully will always test the waters and see where they can take it and how far they can go. Often times the bully is not a confident kid but weak. He or she is looking to impress his friends and looking for the approval of his peers by shaming someone else. The next step is taking it to a physical point, which is much harder for a child to stop. Tiger Schulmann’s teaches children to be confident in all aspects of their life. A confident kid does NOT get bullied, it’s that simple. They learn how to stop these confrontations before they ever start just by the way they carry themselves. At Tiger Schulmann’s, we start to teach a child confidence from the first day they walk into the school.

kids martial artsThis commercial is not putting down the importance of swimming. Swimming is one of the five life skills that you need. However, just like our other commercials, swimming is not going to help you in a real life bullying situation. It’s very simple there is nothing our there that does what we do for kids. If a child finds themselves in a situation where there are at this stage of bullying how could they protect themselves from this ever happening again? We teach kids how to carry themselves, how to be confident that they can defend themselves if need be. We would all like to believe that these kind of bullying situations don’t go on in schools, but the sad truth is it’s all too common. Teaching a child self defense is the all too important life skill that can’t be neglected. Self Defense + Discipline = Self Confidence… It’s our formula for success in our kids martial arts program. Through instilling discipline, we teach the child self defense. That same self discipline is carried over in to every aspect of their life, allowing them to achieve greatly in school and sports. When your child has great achievements they become a happy kid and a confident kid. What makes a happy parent? When their child is successful, confident and happy. Arm your kid with the best tools for success and give them the most important life skill they will ever need. Nothing Else Is Tiger Schulmann’s.

Nothing Else is Tiger Schulmann’s

“Nothing Else is Tiger Schulmann’s” when it comes to offering a proven kids martial arts program. With over 30 years experience, the Tiger Schulmann’s organization has carefully crafted this program to effectively meet the life skill needs of kids. The kids martial arts classes are safe, fun, and can positively impact a kid for the rest of their lives.

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