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Tiger Schulmann’s – Kids Martial Arts Commercial – The Playground

Last Updated on August 26, 2015.

This summer over 80 Tiger Schulmann’s students participated in the filming of a new kids martial arts commercial series. These new commercials will be airing regularly on TV for the 2015 back to school season.

The Best Martial Arts for Kids program around!

The main focus of these commercials is “Nothing Else is Tiger Schulmann’s”. It’s a pretty cool and relatable concept to convey the message that Tiger Schulmann’s simply is the best martial arts for kids program around… period! While other after school programs may benefit kids in certain areas, such as singing, dance, and piano, these programs don’t deliver the skills necessary for real world situations that kids face every day. Bullying is a real threat to every child. Standing up for themselves is the only thing to stop bullying dead in its tracks. To simply put it, there are plenty of after school activities for kids… but Nothing Else is Tiger Schulmann’s!

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