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Mixed Martial Arts is Total Fitness in One Location

Last Updated on October 30, 2014.

Tiger Schulmann’s is more than just Mixed Martial Arts, it provides incredible fitness for anyone who participates

“Not only do we provide an amazing workout, but we work with each of our students to educate and inform them about nutrition as well,” says Sensei Scott Zapfel, head instructor of the Wayne location.  Twice a year, Tiger Schulmann’s students participate in the 90 DAY CHALLENGE!  This is a three month journey towards better fitness, through consistent workouts, and more importantly education and implementation of better nutritional habits.  Tiger Schulmann’s has been preaching this for 30 years.

Fitness through simple body weight exercise
Simple yet effective way to build strength


Too many people talk of going on diets, when in reality diets don’t work and always make you unhealthier.  A diet that helps you lose weight rapidly is usually causing you to lose muscle, obviously not the fitness result people are looking for.  When you finish the diet, either because it’s too difficult to continue with or the “goal” weight has been reached, most people will go off the diet and their eating habits will cause them to gain all the weight back, plus a lot more.  This weight will consist of mainly fat tissue, so essentially what happened was muscle was lost and fat was gained, so now the individual is more unhealthy than when they started the “DIET.”  Instead, a change of eating habits that can be maintained permanently should be adopted.

Fitness can be accomplished with the most basic body weight exercises
Hit those abs every day!!!!


Last March many of the students at Tiger Schulmann’s went on the “90 Day Challenge” a fitness and nutritional program.  Over the course of three months almost 500 pounds were lost by the students in the school.  “You can not get in great shape through a diet.  It’s impossible.  You must be conscious of what, when and most importantly, how often you are eating, and you also must exercise.  It’s all about consuming and burning calories, and making sure you burn more than you consume,” Zapfel says.  “So you might think just get on a treadmill, right?  Wrong!  The boredom alone will cause you to quit, not to mention your entire body needs to be involved and don’t forget about engaging your mind.  People quit working out because they hate the boredom and monotony of it.  A true MMA workout will definitely involve every muscle in your body, and most importantly you will enjoy it and keep your mind engaged.”

fitness must include cardio
Kickboxing provides the best workout you’ve ever gotten in one hour.


Don’t be fooled into thinking MMA is just for kids. Tiger Schulmann’s fields a complete Fight Team, young men and women competing in Mixed Martial Arts, boxing, kickboxing, and submission grappling, but of the 20,000 people currently training in Tiger Schulmann’s schools nationwide a large percentage of them are thirty and forty-somethings, and don’t forget the 50 and 60 somethings!!  MMA has become the new fitness choice for people of all ages.


To get yourself started in the best fitness program you’ve ever tried and to help start you on your way to a new, healthier body just call 1-800-52-TIGER or the Wayne Tiger Schulmann’s location directly at 973-694-3495.  If you call the Wayne location directly, you’ll speak to Christine the manager or Leanne and they will help direct you on your way to taking your first class and setting you on the road to fitness.


Call Tiger Schulmann’s Mixed Martial Arts of Wayne NJ at (973)694-3495 for the best fitness program you’ve tried


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