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Tiger Schulmann’s Self Defense Techniques Keep EMT’s Safe

Last Updated on December 17, 2014.

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When I first walked into Tiger Schulmann’s MMA I was just looking for a basic self defense class. I work as an EMT and Paramedic all over New York and experience many patients who are combative or aggressive, so I was looking to have a fun bonding experience with my colleagues. I came to TSMMA to find out if it would be possible for them to teach a unique self defense class to EMT’s and Medics like myself. Because we work in a plethora of environments we often experience violent and aggressive patients who are under the influence of drugs, narcotics, and alcohol. Organizing this EMT self defense class was very easy and before the big day came Jared Salzman offered me a chance to come in by myself and take a class on him. It was scary at first and I was nervous. Here I am thinking I am walking into a place where people are going to beat me up. It turned out to be the exact opposite! The class was amazing and I signed up shortly after that first class. A few short weeks later, Jared taught myself and a group of ten other of my colleagues simple yet effective techniques to defend ourselves specifically in an Ambulance. The problem with an ambulance is that it may look big, but actually there isn’t that much space. There is maybe two feet of room between myself and a patient at all times, and in case of an outburst an attack from a patient is likely to be effective due to the proximity.

One day after donating blood at a local blood drive I went on what should have been a normal call. After arriving on scene and ushering the patient to the ambulance myself, my two teenage youth corp riders and my partner were in-route to the hospital. About thirty seconds into the trip the patient became very anxious and kept asking for a backpack nearby. Realizing that this patient was under the influence of some kind of drugs I refused to give up the backpack to which he replied, “I have a gun in there and I need to check it.” As he reached for the backpack to grab the gun I instinctively grabbed his arm the way Jared had showed me in that EMT class months prior. My partner called the police and the backpack and gun ended up in safe hands. The two teenagers, and myself were safe thanks to some simple techniques TSMMA taught me. I am very grateful and will keep training. I hope everyone in EMS, Fire and Police agencies will remain safe and secure.

Julie – TSMMA Nanuet