Tiger Schulmann’s

Trio Honored with Belt and Rank Promotions

Last Updated on November 27, 2015.


It was a very special day of martial arts promotions at Tiger Schulmann’s HQ with a trio of head instructors being honored. Sensei Nick Gravina (TSMMA Syosset) earned his 6th degree black belt and was promoted to the rank of Shihan. Shihan Gravina has been training in Tiger Schulmann’s Martial Arts for 30 years, instructing for 20 years, making countless contributions to the Tiger Schulmann’s organization during this time. Promoted to 5th black belt was Joseph Curran, a man who defines non-quitting spirit. The final promotion of the the day went to Jobin George (TSMMA Rockville) who earned the rank of Sensei. Following Tuesday Training, Shihan Tiger Schulmann, along with brother Shihan Ron Schulmann honored the trio of instructors. Congratulations to Shihan Gravina and Sensei’s Curran and George.