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TSMMA Bay Ridge Represents At National Golden Gloves Boxing Tourney

Last Updated on July 11, 2014.

golden gloves

Team Tiger Schulmann’s is at it again in the National Golden Gloves Boxing Tourney. This time Joy Rotstein of TSMMA Bay Ridge took the trip to Fort Lauderdale, Fl.  Rotstein has been training under Sensei Nissim Levy for years. Levy was a former successful competitor in the New York Metro Golden Gloves tournament and now his students are taking his success a step further.

Rotstein won the NY Metro Gloves earlier this year to earn her trip to Fort Lauderdale to compete against winners from around the country. She is the spitting image of her instructor, harnessing skill, strength and tenacity to become a beast in the ring. Levy was known for his fearless visage in the ring and Rotstein’s smile outside the ropes belies her intensity inside.

That intensity, not only in the ring, but in the endless hours she has spent preparing with Levy. Her victory was wrought not in the few minutes in the ring Thursday night, but in the countless hours of regular classes followed by extra instruction long after many would have given up. 

Her victory is a testament to the incredible curriculum of TSMMA that not only prepares students in Kickboxing and Close Range Defense, but also is successful at the highest levels of boxing. More importantly it shows the underlying message of every TSMMA Bayside class that work ethic and perseverance are the key to achieving any goal.

Good Luck to Joy Rotstein in her upcoming Championship bout! We know she will represent TSMMA with the same skill and smile she always has and check back Sunday morning for results!

 By: Sensei Thad Campbell