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TSMMA Boasts A Second Women’s National Golden Gloves Champion

Last Updated on July 16, 2014.


TSMMA Bay Ridge’s Joy Rotstein had some pretty big shoes to fill. Following in the footsteps of Sensei Munah Holland would be a challenge for anyone. Holland is iconic in the TSMMA Fight Team for her exploits in fighting and her unveiling as a leading female fighter in the country came with her Title as the National Golden Gloves Champion.

Rotstein competed this past week in the 2014 tournament after winning the New York Metro Gloves earlier this year. Some in the boxing world questioned her title as she received bye’s all the way to the finals before winning her fight decisively. She put those questions to rest with her dominating performance in Fort Lauderdale. Her expert tutelage under Sensei Nissim Levi, himself a veteran of NY Metro Gloves success, prepared her both physically and mentally.

Rotstein won fights on successive days last Thursday and Friday to bring the title home to Bay Ridge. Anyone who has ever fought knows the physical and emotional drain of fighting once, let alone twice in two days.

Congratulations to the latest in a long line of female fighters to showcase the success of TSMMA!