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TSMMA Cherry Hill Student Has Life Changing Weight Loss Transformation

Last Updated on January 13, 2014.

Inspirational Weight Loss and Life Changing Story


My name is Curt Mount and I am from Haddon Township, which is located right next to Cherry Hill. 10 years ago, my daughter Caitlyn wanted to do martial arts. We enrolled her into Tiger Schulmann’s MMA in Cherry Hill, and after watching her classes for a few months, I started taking classes because it looked like fun. My younger daughter, Erica, started as a 3 year old a few months after me.

We all start for our own reasons self-defense, to get in shape, flexibility, or all of the above. I started because I watched my daughter do it for a few months and it looked like fun. I weighed just shy of 250lbs and thought I was in good shape. My weight loss reached over 50 lbs the first year and got in the best shape of my life.

Haddon Township Man Uses Martial Arts to Battle MS

8 months before I got my Black Belt, I found out I have Multiple sclerosis. It was tough news to hear and it added a lot of uncertainty to my future. My Dr. Said that the first thing he tells people when they are diagnosed with MS is to have a good diet and exercise regularly. I knew then that I had to keep training even harder. Adversity is another opportunity to prove what you are made of. I had two choices when I found out my diagnosis. One-I could take the advice of some of my family and friends and get some “rest”, quit Martial Arts and start “walking or biking”-or, I could follow the path I chose-to continue with my life. My diagnosis is not a choice but dealing with it and never quitting is. That is the choice I have made.

MMA is tool used for weight loss by burning calories and having fun

Since then I have had many challenges. I got my black belt in 2006, I became a Joshu in 2009, I also got my 4th star and am currently working on my 2nd Degree. I have ups and downs make sacrifices and have faced other obstacles. The thought of not training or giving up in other areas of my life have never crossed my mind and I don’t think they ever will. I still have MS but everyone tells me that they would never know it to watch me train or work with me and if I have any say in it at all (and I do) you never will.

TSMMA has brought my family closer because we have something in common that we can talk about, do, and associate together. It has also grown our family because everyone at Tiger Schulmann’s is a family. We train hard together and I consider everyone I train with to be my friend.

From Weight Loss to Discipline, MMA Does It All

Curt helps teach kids from Haddon Township and surrounding towns

If it was not for Tiger Schulmann’s MMA, I don’t know where my life would be right now. But I do know that it would not have been as good as it is now. TSMMA has literally changed my life and I thank God that my Daughter decided to try TSMMA 10 years ago. I have chosen a positive way to deal with a bad situation. I hope that if even one of you out there has had to deal with something similar, you will not give up either. Living with MS is a challenge, but it’s a challenge that can be met. Keeping yourself well, both emotionally and physically, is the key. How and what you do for yourself, How you take control will play a big part. There is always hope.

I would also like to thank the instructors I have had over the years. They, (whether they realize it or not), inspire me to train hard by not treating me differently. Their assistance has helped inspire me to continue the path I’ve chosen. I plan on going as far as I can go with it. I’m in it for life!

– Curt Mount – TSMMA Cherry Hill

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