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TSMMA East Hanover Weight Loss Success Story

Last Updated on September 6, 2012.

TSMMA East Hanover Weight Loss Success Story

By: TSMMA East Hanover

Think your weight loss goal is too hard to reach? Try losing 140 lbs.! Tiger Schulmann’s East Hanover student Mike Bowden did just that. Through hard work , discipline, and of course some kickboxing and grappling, he managed to go from an all time high of 360 lbs. to 222. Here’s his story:

“I have always been a ‘big’ person, and the acceptance of that fact probably allowed me to continue to gain weight uncontrollably for years.  Then in July of 2010, I received the wake up call that ultimately brought my weight issue to the surface.  While on a family vacation to Universal Studios, I had to get off a roller coaster because the safety harness would not fit over me.  The embarrassment of having to do that walk of shame not only in front of 100?s of strangers, but a large portion of my family made me endeavor to lose the weight and begin a healthy life style.  Upon return from my vacation, I ordered some supplements for a diet that a friend recommended.  I began my journey on August 1, at 360 lbs.  I quickly began to lose weight and after 3 months was down to 320.  However the monotone of dieting and lack of discipline started to creep in and I lost focus.  That’s when a friend recommended trying out Tiger Schulmann’s.  He knew I loved to watch MMA, and had mentioned wanting to try it, he promised that if I worked hard and stayed on a schedule that I could lose another 30 lbs in 3 months.  On November 1, I took my trial class and knew that I was hooked.  It was a struggle at first, trying to learn techniques and getting myself into shape but the encouragement of not only my instructors but also classmates made it a bit easier to push forward.  Come springtime, I had stalled in my weight loss, now hovering in the 280?s.  That April, Sensei Lopez became our instructor and I rededicated myself to my goals.  He has guided and pushed me to work harder than I have ever worked before.  And now, 2 years later, I am proud to say I have achieved my, what I originally thought of as unreachable, weight loss goal.  At the end of our most recent 90 day challenge, I weighed in at 222.2 lbs; the lowest that I can remember weighing since my freshmen year of high school.  I feel better than I have ever felt in my life.  I know that this is not the end though, the real challenge is maintaining this loss and moving forward with my next set of weight loss goals.” – Mike Bowden

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