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TSMMA Eatontown Student Gains Numerous Benefits Training MMA

Last Updated on October 24, 2012.

TSMMA Eatontown Student Gains Numerous Benefits Training MMA

BY: TSMMA Eatontown

My job occasionally takes me to some rather unsavory neighborhoods but I have been lucky to have had very few incidents over a 34 year career.  Two years ago I was in one of those bad neighborhoods – behind the Port authority bus terminal in NYC when a strange man began to yell crazily and wildly took a swing at me. I ducked but he clipped my ear and then he took off  up the street. This incident really bothered me and I told a friend about it.  My friend knew someone who had joined Tiger Schulmann’s who loved it.  I had been thinking of joining a Tiger Schulmann’s that had recently opened near my home.  I decided right then to join and am very glad I did.

I am a person who normally gets very bored by exercise which I usually find to be very repetitive and mind numbing. Tiger is the only exercise program that I have ever tried that holds my interest and I’m never bored. Tigers’ program requires you to use your physical body along with developing good memorization and mental strategies. There is also a good atmosphere of safety, respect and comradeship that develops between the students. I found that the students all push each other to do better in a friendly way. The training is combination of group exercise, while developing defensive and kickboxing skills along with personal attention from a highly experienced professional trainer.

When I first began at tiger – I was stiff, short of breath and the workouts seemed tough – I realized right away that I had gradually gotten out of shape.  But I was interested and determined and always felt better after each class. Two years later I am keeping up with students who are many years younger than myself, I’m far less stiff and seldom lose my breath.  For me the changes were barely noticeable because they were gradual but allot of other folks began to notice and have commented on the changes. Since joining Tiger  I have had people remark that I looked younger then my age and asked if I had done something with myself because I looked better.  I tell them that I have done nothing different in my life but kickboxing at Tiger Schulmann’s of Eatontown.

Working out at Tiger has given me numerous benefits besides being stronger and learning how to properly defend myself. I stand straighter and am no longer slump shouldered.  I am not easily winded.  I feel more confidence and life seems a little more valuable.   My guess is that I will never need to use my new defensive skills because I doubt that I put out “the easy target” vibe anymore.  Tiger Schulmann’s suits my life style, I’m in better condition than I have been in years, I feel more confident and now have some very good kickboxing skills. Sensei Tresca & Sensei Villanueva are great guys always push me to train hard and stay consistent  and if miss class witch seldom do because of my work schedule I will  always get that phone call from them motivating me to get back saying I know were you live Sensei Tresca tells me I will come pick you up if you forgot how to get hear pal. Then when I do Sensei V always gives me a great class and says nice to see you Bob.  Thanks guys I am really enjoying myself.

– Bob Grandcolas

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