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TSMMA Feasterville Family Trains MMA With Many Goals, But One Result!

Last Updated on September 20, 2012.

TSMMA Feasterville Family Trains MMA With Many Goals, But One Result!

By: TSMMA Feasterville

I began at TSMMA about 6 1/2 yrs ago, right after my son Matt began his training.  I was probably one of the first moms to ask if “I” could start taking classes.  Right away I loved it.  After having my 5th child, I needed a way to lose those last few stubborn pounds; and I was able to achieve that here.

Other than losing weight, I found myself in better shape and a lot healthier.  After a recent doctor visit, he found my “standing” heart rate at 50. (Which is very low) He ran a test to make sure I didn’t have a hidden heart problem.  What showed up, was that I was in such great shape, that there was NO STRESS on my heart. I was just healthy!!News like that just reinforces what I’m achieving at TSMMA. I feel confident in myself, in my appearance and in my training.  I have NO doubt I can defend and protect myself.

Again, having 5 children, life can get crazy, hectic and stressful. Nothing eases the stress more than going to a class and hitting a bag and releasing that stress.  Not only does it help me “feel” better, but it also allows me to be a better parent.  It helps me be more patient (lack of stress) and to have more energy.  My children are 2 to 3 sport kids, and keeping up with them is a FULL TIME job in itself!!

Not only have I seen the benefits that TSMMA has given me, but all of my children have benefited also.  My oldest, 22, saw a difference in athletics. And he feels confident in his security job that he could take can of himself should a situation arise.  My 17 year old recently began and training and he loves it for losing weight and strength training.  I know he could use some confidence and he will definitely achieve that here.  My 13 year old has shown great improvement in his focus in school and sports and the power he demonstrates in his kicks for soccer has been great.  My 9 year old not only has an outlet for his temper, but has also learned how to “control” himself and his temper which is a HUGE benefit for him since he gets easily frustrated.  And my 7 year old daughter, has been in speech therapy and occupational therapy, since she was 3.  TSMMA helped her with her confidence to speak up (which she is very loud now – lol) and with her balance and coordination. (which I’m happy to say, that she “graduated” from her occupational therapy because she is now developmentally on target.)

As u can see, my family and I have benefitted in different ways from 1 place, and that was from TSMMA.  Needless to say, training will be a constant in my and my family’s life.

Sempai Roberta Leonhauser
TSMMA Black Belt 2009

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