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TSMMA Feasterville Student Uses Discipline to Master New Art

Last Updated on January 17, 2013.


BY: TSMMA Feasterville

Daniel first began training with me in the summer of 2008.  Only five years old, he showed an uncommon focus and determination for a student so young.  That has been born out over the years in his success in different competitions and has helped to build his Self-Confidence.

That Self-Confidence led him to take on a new challenge, mastering the piano.  In just two short years he has managed to win numerous competitions and even earned himself a trip to play at famed Carnegie Hall in New York City.

If you listen to the clip below you will see why he has earned that right.

So proud of all the hard work Daniel has put into his Martial Arts training, but even more proud to see him using the lessons he has learned here to excel in every aspect of his life.