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TSMMA Hall of Fame Instructor Responds To ‘Knockout Game’ Popularity

Last Updated on November 21, 2013.

Knockout Artist Not Impressed

Sensei Dave Tirelli used to get his knockouts in the ring. The New Jersey Mixed Martial Arts Hall of Fame member was a pioneer in the early MMA scene in New Jersey. The Elmwood Park Head Instructor was involved when MMA was first sanctioned in the state and continues in the sport as both Instructor and Judge.

‘Knockout’ Game Has Led To Three Deaths

 For him it is even more reprehensible to see the recent surge in popularity of the game ‘Knockout’.

“People with Self-Confidence challenge themselves through competition, not by preying on unsuspecting people on the street,” says the owner of Tiger Schulmann’s MMA in Elmwood Park. “It’s the weakest form of person who thinks this kind of activity is cool.”

Tirelli Earned His Knockouts Against Competition In The Ring, Not Unsuspecting Victims On The Street!


Elmwood Park Martial Arts Builds Self-Confidence

Tirelli has spent twenty years teaching students Martial Arts. He pursued his own competitive goals even while teaching Tiger Schulmann’s Mixed Martial Arts every day to his own students. He knows first hand how Self-Confidence helps students avoid becoming involved with activities like the one gaining popularity now.

Students Of All Ages Learn Real Self-Defense

 “My students have enough confidence in themselves to avoid trying to impress someone just to fit in,” says Tirelli. “Instead they build their Confidence by achieving things, whether in school, sports or in Martial Arts.”

Curriculum Has Proven Track Record

Tirelli’s Classes are based on 30 years of progress by Tiger Schulmann’s. His curriculum is proven to teach the most contemporary techniques for self-defense on the street, all while instilling Self-Discipline.

Belt System Helps Build Confidence Through Achievement!

 “No one teaches Self-Discipline and Self-Defense as well as we do at Tiger Schulmann’s,” he says. “It’s this combination that builds Self-Confidence.”

Tirelli is offering students a great incentive to get started this holiday season. Call now or register at the top right to try a FREE Kickboxing Class. You will receive a Free pair of Training Gloves for the class and if you enjoy training you can get a FREE month off tuition.

By: Thad Campbell