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TSMMA North Plainfield Student Gains Confidence Through MMA

Last Updated on September 21, 2012.

TSMMA North Plainfield Student Gains Confidence Through MMA

BY: TSMMA North Plainfield

Alexis is only 7 years old but she has proved that hard work and commitment pays off

When Alexis came to Tiger Schulmann’s MMA in North Plainfield, NJ with her Dad, Alex, she was shy and nervous.  They stepped in our doorway December 6, 2011.  Alex, a single parent, wanted his daughter to build up her self-confidence by learning self-defense.  He wanted her to be safe when he could not be around to protect her himself.  Alex wanted to know that if a bully at school tried to push her around Alexis could stand up for herself and not be afraid of looking the bully in the eyes and speaking up for herself; or if necessary deter someone with punches or kicks (if she was really threatened physically).

Alex, her father, trained in Ninjitsu, in Columbia as a kid and he knew that getting Alexis involved in the martial arts was also going to help improve her focus and discipline for school and any other activities she may get involved in.

Alexis has improved her self-confidence 100% since December.  It is hard to believe she is the same shy 7 year old girl who came into our school a few months ago.  Thanks to her father’s consistency in bringing her to all of her scheduled classes she has improved technically as well.  The most important thing is that Alexis feels stronger, empowered, and happy.  She had to work hard to earn her Low Blue Belt, but she and her Dad never gave up staying consistent and working hard on the mat.  We are proud of Alexis and we know her teachers at school will love how well she listens and follows instructions.

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