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TSMMA Princeton Instructor Empowers Students with Self-Discipline

Last Updated on November 11, 2013.

Lawrenceville MMA Class Teaches Best Trait

By: Sensei Thad Campbell

If you had to choose between having talent or having self-discipline, which would you pick? The shortsighted would choose talent.

Ask any truly successful person and they would choose Self-Discipline. For Joshu Tony Billings of Tiger Schulmann’s MMA he brings this concept to his Lawrenceville area students every day.

Self-Discipline is the ability to focus on the task at hand without getting distracted, a positive attitude to take the ups and downs, and most important never giving up until a goal is achieved.

Students Learn Focus From Instructor


Self-Discipline is not a trait people are born with, it’s not a natural talent. Instead it must be instilled through a mentor or teacher. With over 10 years of martial arts training, Joshu Billings learned from his instructor Sensei Michael Marchand. He now helps teach it to his students.

Discipline Precedes Self-Discipline

Self-Discipline empowers kids to achieve high grades in school, take responsibilities around the house, and excel in extra-curricular activities. That’s all any parent can hope for. A self-disciplined child turns into an adult that succeeds.

The process takes time, effort, and patience. A commitment that Joshu Billings has made to all of his 200+ students. Joshu instills self-discipline with a disciplined environment.

The structure of class allows students to accomplish more in less time. His ability to discuss the importance of discipline throughout the entire class connects with children and adults. Joshu motivates students through the plateaus that happen in everyones training. This helps students get to the other side where they begin to feel the excitement of progress again. After seeing themselves make it through plateaus with Joshu’s help, they begin to understand the process and don’t need the motivation anymore, becoming Self-Disciplined.

Joshu Billings teaches self-discipline to students of all ages.


Lawrenceville’s Best Instructor for You and Your Child

Joshu Billings inspires his students to believe they can accomplish any feet. Once they’ve achieved for themselves they learn to be self-motivated.

So now when you are asked if you would rather have talent or self-discipline? It is an easy answer. With self-discipline a child or an adult can accomplish anything and apply their full potential in any avenue they pursue in their life. All the talent in the world is wasted without the will to persevere.

Students Achieve On and Off the Mat.


Want your kid to have Self-Discipline to succeed in any endeavor? Sign up for a free trial class at TSMMA Princeton and see what all the hype is about!