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TSMMA Rego Park Student Loses 25lbs Kickboxing

Last Updated on June 28, 2012.

Rego Park Student Tal Givon loses 25lbs Kickboxing

Working out in TSK is so much fun! It’s intensive, it’s a great workout and it’s always challenging, no matter how many times you threw that jab. You get to meet new people almost every class, some of them turn to be your personal coach, pushing you through every step of the class to bring out the best of you. Some, you just see for a couple of times because your schedules don’t match. The most exciting thing of all is to watch someone transform right before your eyes, see how their body shape up to be something totally different than what you once knew.

I know many of us joined TSK to lose weight, to be in a better shape, to have a fitter body, and I know how encouraging it is to see it can be done. That’s why, when Sensei Stine asked me to share my before and after pictures I immediately said yes (even though it took a while to take the perfect picture I was really happy with).

When I joined TSK, about 15 months ago, I was totally out of shape, and couldn’t even complete one push up, not even on my knees. The amazing team at TSK Rego Park always challenged me to out beat myself, and so I did, time and time again. The secret is to find the power within you to keep pushing yourself to do better and not settle for the familiar and comfortable. Always pick a partner that is better than you or one that really pushes you to be faster, more powerful and more determined.

During this 15 month journey, not only did I lose 25 pounds, my body shape altered completely: I lost 11 inches off my waist, and 5-6 inches off my bust, hips and thighs. On top of that, TSK truly taught me discipline, determination and consistency.

It works, see for yourselves:


Tal Givon

Train with Sensei Stine @ TSMMA REGO PARK