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TSMMA Rockville Centre Martial Arts Instructor Gives Back To Community

Last Updated on April 10, 2014.

Joshu Jobin George’s life was changed through involvement in Martial Arts. Now the head instructor and owner of Tiger Schulmann’s Mixed Martial Arts in Rockville Centre is giving those same benefits back to the youth around his school.

George spent Monday at Davidson Avenue Elementary School in Lynbrook.

Javier Figueroa proudly shows his Tiger Schulmann’s White Belt to his Lynbrook Elementary Classmates.

The invitation came from Javier Figueroa, an 8 year old white belt at the Rockville Centre martial arts school. Figueroa began Tiger Schulmann’s for the focus and ‘non-quitting spirit’ it helps teach it’s young students. His parents couldn’t be happier with George and his staff and young Javier was excited to show off his progress to his fellow 3rd Grade classmates.

Lynbrook Student Excelling At Martial Arts

“Javier is amazing in class,” says George. “He was diagnosed with ADHD but has been able to show great focus. The structure of our martial arts program has helped him learn the importance of focus and I couldn’t be more proud of his progress.

Javier calls out instructions as his father (right) and Joshu Jobin George demonstrate for the class.

 Figueroa joined his father and brother at the Rockville Centre Martial Arts school. His older brother is a Red Belt and dad has his Blue Belt.

The family training is only a function of the family environment created at the school by George. He began training at Tiger Schulmann’s at 10 years old and has been a mainstay ever since. Originally a student at Tiger Schulmann’s in Hicksville, George was handpicked by Tiger Schulmann to take over the Rockville Centre school two years ago, before he even graduated college.

Javier checks to make sure Joshu is pivoting his foot to make the Cross Punch stronger.

George has quickly built an amazing atmosphere at the school, making it one of the most successful Martial Arts schools on Long Island and the country.

The world class curriculum developed by Tiger Schulmann and his brother and Chief Organizational Instructor Ron Schulmann has proven to help all kids, but especially those with ADHD and other learning disabilities.

George took to Lynbrook to demonstrate exactly how learning a simple Jab, Cross and Hook can teach kids the importance of focus in learning. The three punches are staples in a Mixed Martial Art and help Rockville Centre students like Figueroa learn to be confident in standing up to bullies.

More importantly the fun of learning a contemporary Self-Defense helps George teach his young students self-discipline. The ability to focus and not give up helps those students succeed in every other activity in which they participate.

Those same lessons helped George become a successful business owner and Martial Arts instructor even before finishing college!

If you think your child could use the training that has helped Lynbrook’s Javier Figueroa overcome ADHD, call the TSMMA Rockville Centre school today or register online for you FREE martial arts class!

By: Sensei Thad Campbell