Last Updated on August 22, 2012.

TSMMA sends our Condolences to Shihan James Simpson and Family

This morning, Shihan Simpson’s father, Howard Charles Worley passed away at the age of 90. Mr. Worley was a member of the United States Armed Forces and proudly served our country during WWII. He was involved in the Manhattan Project, the Great African Campaign, served in the south pacific, and served in europe. He is a recipient of the purple heart for surviving after being injured in a crash during WWII while he was in the turret of a plane. Mr. Worley loved the United States of America and after retiring from his service went on to be a United State Post Master, and he was an active member of the American Legion. Mr. Worley was charismatic and he effected everyone he met. He will not only be terribly missed by his family that loved him but also by the many people he knew. He is survived by his wife Pauline (Shihan’s mom), 9 children, 17 grandchildren and many many great grand children as well as an enormous extended family. Mr. Worley you will be terribly missed. God speed sir.

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