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TSMMA Student Uses Kickboxing to Shave Years Off His Life

Last Updated on December 26, 2013.

Being Skinny Not Necessarily Being In Shape

Mike Berwind first came to Tiger Schulmann’s for Kickboxing classes five years ago.  At the time the Trevose, PA man was already less than a hundred and fifty pounds and losing weight was the farthest thing he needed for his physical conditioning to improve.  Just because he was skinny already didn’t mean he was in great shape.

Fast forward five years and Berwind is almost exactly the same weight.  What’s different is his relative age.

Berwind has become an expert at Kickboxing all while getting in better shape than people half his age!

 A new study at The Norwegian University of Science and Technology in Trondheim came up with a remarkably low tech way to test your Fitness Age.  By measuring your waist line, height, age, gender, resting heart rate and typical exercise regimen for the week, researchers can tell you how your body is acting physical relative to a typical person of any age between 20 and 90.

Kickboxing Added Twenty Years

The formula wasn’t made up out of thin air. Researchers evaluated 5,000 Norwegians from 20 to 90 taking a dozen measurements. They were able to narrow those measurements down to a remarkably small number that give a very good indication of someones relative fitness level.

Group Class Helps Motivate Trevose Man To Keep Coming Back For More!

 Berwind came across the article and plugged his numbers into the formula calculator (link here) to see a huge surprise. The 49 year old Trevose resident has the fitness age of a person 20 years his junior.

Ever caught yourself wishing you were twenty years young? Berwind spent five years of hard work earning that distinction.

Why Kickboxing Works

So how did Berwind shave twenty years off his relative age? Kickboxing impacted his resting heart rate immensely. The Interval Training method used in class is the quickest and best way to strengthen the cardiovascular system, allowing the heart to achieve the same results with less work, thus lowering the number of beats per minute.

Berwind’s Kickboxing Workouts Continue to Increase in Intensity as His Skill Improves!

 Also researchers found in their 5,000 person study, those who exercise vigorously at least 3 times a week are able to maximize their peak oxygen intake. This is the measure of how well the body delivers oxygen to cells. Because Berwind enjoys the upbeat, safe Kickboxing classes at Tiger Schulmann’s it is not hard at all to motivate himself to get there three or more days a week. Thus helping him live a more energetic and productive life.

Want to shave years off your life?  Call Tiger Schulmann’s today or register at the top right and take Free Beginner Kickboxing class.  See how you can live a longer, healthier life!

 By: Sensei Thad Campbell- TSMMA Feasterville