Tiger Schulmann’s

TSMMA Success Story

Last Updated on October 19, 2011.

Dear Sensei David Tirelli,

I want to acknowledge the positive experience that I have encountered over the last decade with my son, Andrew.

At the age of 5, Andrew enrolled in Tiger Schulmann’s in 1999. At first, my family discouraged me from enrolling Andrew in such a contact sport at such a young age. Even Andrew himself was unsure if he wanted to do it. After quitting 3 times on his own at ages 8, 11 and 13, Sensei Holland of the Watchung, New Jersey location advised me to just let go, if it is meant to be Andrew will come back on his own. I took her advice. After Andrew tried out for freshman football and getting discouraged about “team effort”, he quit. Sophomore year he was cut from basketball due to politics. This is when Andrew began to realize how unfair the world can be.

One morning Andrew was being bullied and racially discriminated by an ignorant classmate and his followers. The bully assaulted him with a lacrosse stick and Andrew reacted fast by grabbing it out of his hand and threw it to the ground. The bully charged toward Andrew and his instincts stepped in. Andrew slide left and gained control of the fight with one defensive hit before a teacher broke it up. Both Andrew and the other student were suspended for 8 days and Andrew was convinced he’d be in even more trouble with me but he was wrong. I personally told the principal that every action Andrew took towards the bully was self defense that he learned under the supervision of Sensei Paul Querido also of Watchung, New Jersey Tiger Schulmann’s. I also told the principal that I’m glad my hard earned money paid off.

Andrew went back to Tiger Schulmann’s of Watchung in late 2008 and he has made it his second home since. In July of 2010 Andrew began training at the Elmwood Park location with the TSMMA Fight Team. Now the only abuse he gets is Sensei Lyman Good picking him up and placing him back in the circle on the mat. Sensei Paul Querido noticed Andrew’s potential and his sending him to the Black Belt Test in November of 2011. Andrew remains focused in school and is finishing his junior year with a 97 percent average, with plans on applying to local universities and pursuing an education in Criminal Justice.  In conclusion, Tiger Schulmann’s has changed Andrew’s life in a positive way, you’ve done your job!