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TSMMA Toms River Weight Loss Success Story

Last Updated on September 11, 2012.

TSMMA Toms River Weight Loss Success Story

By: TSMMA Toms River

I have been into my health for a couple of years before joining Tiger Schulmann’s MMA.  Going to the gym was always good, but as far as the cardio programs available, I was never interested in them.  My availability and motivation to go to the gym to help maintain a healthy weight would come and go. During one of the many “off” times from going to the gym, my wife and I decided to sign our son up for TSMMA to help with self-discipline, his ability to stay focused and impulse control.

One day while watching my son doing the Children’s CORE class, Sensei Colontino approached me about joining myself into the Adult’s beginner kickboxing program.  I have always wanted to learn mixed martial arts so I joined shortly after speaking to Sensei.  The first couple of classes were a little difficult to get through without bringing myself a water bottle.  After a few months I noticed myself getting threw the kickboxing class without needing water and not being as winded or exhausted.  Instead, I felt great!  After a few months doing beginner kickboxing, I have now been invited into grappling and intermediate/advanced kickboxing.

In the short time I have been with TSMMA, (end of January through now), I have lost more weight and maintained it better than I ever did going to the gym.  At the time I joined, Sensei Colontino was beginning his 90-Day challenge where my beginning weight was 270lbs.  With the nutrition plan he gave me to follow along with and training at TSMMA, I have lost a total of 52lbs and feel better about myself every day.

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