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TSMMA Woodbury Family Benefits from Kickboxing

Last Updated on September 26, 2012.

TSMMA Woodbury Family Benefits from Kickboxing

BY: TSMMA Woodbury

We signed up my son a year ago when he was only four years old at Tiger Schulmann‘s MMA. It was the best decision we have ever made for him. This school has had a huge impact on him and our life. Sensei Montes is an amazing instructor. He doesn’t teach only marital arts, he teaches self discipline, concentration and non-quitting spirit. At the same time, he has a great sense of humor and the kids have so much fun while learning and getting very important skills and exercise. My son is a confident and outgoing boy thanks to this school.

Sensei Montes has a close relationship with his students and is always available to talk to parents about any concerns they may have about their kids. I remember the first time I talked to him about our son misbehaving at home. He patiently listened to me, had a talk with our son and he temporarily took his belt away. At that moment my heart broke knowing how hard my son has worked for that belt and what it meant to him, but losing it made all the difference. His behavior completely changed. There is no need for it anymore. A short talk with Sensei or just mentioning his name is enough to help us teach our son right from wrong.

Sensei gives one hundred percent to his students. He truly cares and loves what he does.

After such a great experience with this school, I decided to try the classes myself. I didn’t expect to like kickboxing so much. I feel such a power and confidence every time I kick or punch that bag. I don’t miss a day of training unless I really have to. That mat is my refuge. It’s a place where I release all the stress from everyday life. I already lost some weight and it has reduced my cholesterol by 50%, not to mention I feel great!

-Irena Z.

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