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UFC on Fuel 8 Tiger Schulmann’s Kickboxing Corner

Last Updated on March 8, 2013.


By Thad Campbell – TSMMA Feasterville

Kickboxing Techniques For Street Self-Defense

Once again Joshu Alexander and I are going to break down some of the Kickboxing techniques we saw in this past weekends UFC. The goal is to explain what a fighter saw, how they used their technique to take advantage of that opening and how you can translate that into a street situation.

One of the biggest reasons I encourage my students to watch MMA is they can see what techniques are most successful in competition. Competition is the closest thing we can get to a real life situation without getting in a real life situation.

What’s great about MMA is it eliminates many of the silly rules certain styles of Martial Art had in their individual competitive style. This makes for a much more realistic fight and thus more likely to resemble what might really happen.

Successful Self-Defense Not Fancy

What has jumped out at us in the past four events we have broken down is the use of very basic techniques to be effective. We have yet to detail anything other than our six basic techniques we cover in Beginner Kickboxing class.

What differs is the ability of the competitors to understand how to implement the techniques properly to do the most damage and this is something we will begin to help you with as you progress into intermediate kickboxing.

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