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USA Boxing’s Fight Night 2012 Results

Last Updated on July 17, 2012.

USA Boxing’s Fight Night 2012 Results

7/16/12 – Hoboken, NJ – Article by Sensei Thad Campbell of TSMMA Feasterville

It was a fighting fundraiser at The W Hotel in Hoboken Monday.  Team TSMMA is always up for a fundraiser and fighting is our specialty so what better way to start the week than by lending a few jabs!

Four of our amateurs took part in the USA boxing sanctioned event. Stephen Regman  (TSMMA North Plainfield) , Jenna Serio (TSMMA Bayridge), Craig Alexander (TSMMA Feasterville) and Mike Trizano (TSMMA Ramsey) all looked to sharpen their skills in the squared circle.

Regman would be up first as the hard punching amateur faced off with Umaran Siddiqui.  Regman would control the ring from the outset. He used his slick movement to keep his opponent from getting set while landing powerful shots.  The tactic has worked superbly for Regman in amateur MMA, unfortunately the rules of amateur boxing give no favor to power or ring control.  Siddique landed a couple more slapping punches and somehow pulled out a victory after being beaten up for three rounds.

Jenna Serio stepped through the ropes next and wasted no time changing the tide for Team Tiger Schulmann’s. With her chin tucked tightly to your chest, Serio stalked Elizabeth Keller around the ring. She cut corners and kept constant pressure, throwing great combinations to the body and head. Serio dominated all 6 minutes of the 3 round fight, leaving her opponent the picture of defeat. Serio would win  a unanimous decision.

Looking to build on the momentum was Joshu Craig Alexander.

He would square off with a fellow Irishman, Steve Connolly, in the fight of the night. Alexander threw his triple jab 2 seconds into the fight and didn’t stop throwing combinations for the next 5:58. It cant be a fight of the night without a battle from the opponent and that’s exactly what he got. The two spent much of the fight in close quarters trading body shots and uppercuts. It was Alexander who would finish every exchange and cut off the ring to establish the right distance on his taller opponent. Alexander would win a second decision for Team TSMMA.

Mike Trizano would wrap things up for the night. The matchup pitted two extremely technical fighters with both showing great ring generalship. Trizano and Jahi Joiner had slick foot and head movement with neither being able to establish distance without  the other moving out of range. The fight became a battle of jabs with Joiner’s not measuring up. As the fight went on, Trizano was able to follow up his jab with a few solid right hands and at one point landed a left hook that may have ended the fight if not for headgear and 16 oz gloves. The TSMMA crowd would applaude Trizano’s effort as her brought a victorious close to a 3-1 evening.

Congratulations to all four competitors and stay tuned to TSK blog as the competition heat up throughout the rest of the summer.