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Wayne Martial Arts Students Excel in Competition

Last Updated on December 23, 2014.

Students of Tiger Schulmann’s Mixed Martial Arts in Wayne had a very successful outing at the Challenge of Champions this past weekend.  Twice a year, every June and December the mats are rolled out and the competition begins.  Throughout the entire day, children as young as 5 and adults well into their 40’s and 50’s put on the sparring and grappling gear and go toe to toe for Challenge of Champions Gold!

Wayne Martial Arts prepares you or your child for school and life!

Wayne Martial Arts provides kids with increased confidence
James Ready for Action!!!

There are three events held at the event.  Grappling, Kickboxing and MMA. Grappling is the largest and fastest growing activity in the whole country right now!  Basically ground fighting, grappling or Jujitsu, is trying to maintain a dominant position over your opponent.  For kids 9 years old and up as well as adults, submission are also involved which when applied correctly can end a match very quickly.

Wayne Martial Arts is really heating up
Great Job Kallen

Winners from the Wayne Martial Arts school in the grappling events are Marco Alarcon, 1st Place; Zachary DiGidio, 3rd; Alex Gallipoli, 1st; Elise Hartman, 1st; Oscar Hernandez, 3rd; Travis Leal, 3rd, Aidan Liwanag, 2nd; Colby Montaina, 1st; Javier Perez, 3rd; Gary Pranzo, 1st; Al Rech, 3rd; Alexis Rech, 1st and Attila Valy, 1st place each in their respective divisions.

Wayne Martial Arts is helping kids win at oturnments
Getting ready for ACTION!!!

The other two events, kickboxing and MMA involve two competitors wearing complete protective sparring gear vying to win the fight by landing more effective punches and kicks than their opponent.  In the MMA competition participants can actually take their opponents to the ground and continue the fight there.

Winners in the MMA and Kickboxing events from Tiger Schulmann’s Wayne Martial Arts school are: Marco Alarcon, 3rd place; Alex Gallipoli, 3rd; Aidan Liwanag,1st; Jakub Paiserd,3rd; Javier Perez,2nd; Alexis Rech,3rd; Dominic Valenzuela,3rd and Attlia Valy, 2nd in the kickboxing event, each in their respective divisions.


Team TS MMA Wayne!!!
Team TS MMA Wayne!!!

MMA winners include Murat Mamkegh, Colby Montaina and Elise Hartman, each winning 1st place and Matt Hooben winning bronze in the advanced divisions.

If you want to start your self or your child in the toughest activity you or they will ever love, then come to Tiger Schulmann’s of Wayne Martial Arts.  Most sports require a high level of athleticism, but the martial arts develops this athletic ability and kids without the knack for team or individual sports always excel in the martial arts.

The Wayne Martial Arts School is conveniently located near Pequannock at 1605 Route 23 South in the Brentwood Shopping Center, with Party City, Chuck E Cheese and directly next door to Modell’s Sporting Goods.

Call Tiger Schulmann’s Mixed Martial Arts of Wayne NJ at (973)694-3495


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