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Last Updated on February 18, 2015.

If You Are Kickboxing, Make it REAL!

Why not train in the real thing at Tiger schulmann's Kickboxing

All of the sudden there are many gyms out there that are offering kickboxing classes. or so they say!

Most of these gyms are doing what we call cardiokickboxing. The instructors are people that take a weekend course and then say they are certified to teach kickboxing. There are a few problems here to consider. The first problem is the instruction. Kickboxing is an art form. Learning with proper technique makes you stronger, gets you in better shape and will keep you from injuring yourself during training. An instructor that didn’t learn properly themselves will not be able to teach you properly and will put you at risk for serious injury.

The next problem is that of product integrity. Kickboxing gyms are not inexpensive. I don’t know about anyone else but when I am paying for something, I want it to be the product I am paying for. Just throwing your hands and feet at a heavybag and doing calesthentics is not kickboxing. It is exercise but if you are paying for kickboxing then that is what you should be getting.

Lastly, these gyms give their clients false confidence. If a member were to get into an altercation, they will believe that they can use what they are learning to defend themselves. I can’t emphasize enough that kickboxing is an art that takes time, repetition and proper instruction to learn. Learning in the wrong way will just get you a beating if you were attacked.

Real Kickboxing is Fun and Effective!

Tiger Schulmanns’ offers the most exciting and effective Kickboxing program in the industry!

At TSMMA our kickboxing program is the real thing. We teach authentic Kickboxing. An instructor in a Tiger Schulmann’s Kickboxing gym has been trained for many years as a student as well as being trained as an instructor. Each instructor is required to train directly under “Tiger” Schulmann himself on a weekly basis. This ensures the integrity of our product. Instructor classes focus on exercise physiology, nutrition and the latest teaching techniques. You can be sure that you will have someone training you that will get you in great shape, teach you proper technique and keep you less prone to injury. If you were to get into an altercation, you can also be sure that what you are learning will work in a street situation.

Tiger Schulmann’s techniques have been time tested in and out of the ring. Our professional fight team learns the same techniques that they use in venues like the CFFC, Bellator, Ring of Combat and even the UFC that our members learn  in their kickboxing classes but without actually getting into the ring. If the techniques work there, you can be sure they would work for you if you needed them to defend yourself or a loved one.

If you are looking for the best quality instruction from instructors that care about their members than Tiger Schulmann’s Kickboxing program is the place for you.

Tiger Schulmann’s in East Brunswick services the following areas: East Brunswick, Edison, Helmetta, Jamesburg, Milltown, Monroe, New Brunswick, North Brunswick, Old Bridge, Perth Amboy, Sayreville, South Brunswick, South River, Somerset and Spotswood.

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