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Wedding Day Workout: Effective Exercise Through Kickboxing

Last Updated on September 23, 2014.

So, you’ve popped the question, and she said “yes!” The hard part is over now, right? The excitement of planning a wedding may not impact your stress level since she will decide the flowers, DJ, and color scheme. But then you go to the tuxedo fitting and realize that perhaps you could’ve spent more time on the treadmill rather than tasting every sample of cake the baker had to offer. After all, your future wife has been extremely aware that she will be the center of attention the day you say “I do.” So why aren’t you? Many couples tend to pay more attention to their bodies and physical appearance before the big day, and an effective exercise routine will help to achieve results. Tiger Schulmann’s Mixed Martial Arts (TSMMA) in Vails Gate, NY has given many couples the opportunity to reach their fitness goals through kickboxing classes.

Dan and Lindsay Alvarez have continued to transform their bodies and minds through kickboxing.

Dan and Lindsay Alvarez became proactive with regard to health and wellness when they realized that they had begun to settle into a very sedentary lifestyle. “We joined TSMMA because we were tired of coming home and watching TV every night. We wanted something to do together, and we were looking to get in better shape for our wedding.” Despite his commute as a teacher in Bronx, NY, Dan has managed to stick to a consistent exercise routine with 3 to 5 kickboxing or close-range defense (grappling) classes per week. In the Fall of 2011, both Dan and Lindsay began their training at TSMMA Nanuet, NY after getting engaged that summer. Lindsay was looking for an opportunity to get fit as a couple, in an effort to motivate one another and accommodate their busy schedules. “Dan and I saw a commercial for Tiger Schulmann’s Mixed Martial Arts and signed up for a free class. I had been very stressed planning our wedding and looking for a job at the time I started training.” Lindsay has since found a position as a teacher in New Jersey, and the couple has relocated from their original school. However, that did not impact their training schedule, as they have found a home at TSMMA Vails Gate.

“The self defense piece of training has been very empowering. I’m more confident knowing how to defend myself regardless of a person’s size or gender because of the techniques that I have learned.”

Kickboxing classes have continued to be an essential part of their exercise routine.”I am stronger, I have more energy and endurance, I feel more confident in myself and my surroundings,” says Dan. The positive changes the couple has experienced have peaked an interest in the other classes TSMMA has to offer as well. In addition to kickboxing, Dan and Lindsay have become involved in the close-range defense classes (grappling) for added self defense. “Self defense is absolutely important and one of the main reasons we do this. I want to be able to defend myself and my wife,” says Dan. Lindsay also feels that she has benefited from participating in the variety of classes offered by TSMMA. “The self defense piece of training has been very empowering. I’m more confident knowing how to defend myself regardless of a person’s size or gender because of the techniques that I have learned.”

At the Vails Gate school, both Dan and Lindsay have found inspiration and motivation through their instructors, Sensei Jose Montes and Joshu Shane Burgos. They have credited the exciting atmosphere and their improved physical fitness to the positive reinforcement and motivating dialogue during and after kickboxing classes. “Joshu pushes everyone through and will not allow the pace to drop.” Dan appreciates the fast pace of kickboxing class and stays fully engaged during the workout. “Sensei always has wise words for us at the end of class when we are cooling down. I consider him my “MMA Master Yoda” – he always finds a great way to close out class.”

A consistent exercise routine will help you achieve the results you want.

Sensei and Joshu teach their students how to be physically and mentally strong, and put the importance of training into perspective. Couples training at TSMMA have found that the  amazing atmosphere has allowed them to decrease stress and increase energy and given them an opportunity to motivate one another. “Coming to class during the week has been the “me” time I needed to get focused,” says Lindsay. “But training as a couple has been awesome because you have a built in support system.” Dan also appreciates the additional time he gets to spend with his wife, and looks forward to having a family someday that will follow the same path toward fitness that they have embraced. “We keep each other motivated. We are training partners on the bag, we go to UFC fights, watch them on TV and love spending the time together invested in the same goal. I married my best friend and I get to workout with her. You can’t beat that! When we are ready for kids, they will be on the mat too!”

TSMMA has become home to many couples who have found a compatible exercise routine that has enhanced their fitness level and their relationship. It has been a great way to share quality time together and experience the journey of transformation together. Call now and sign up for a free trial class at TSMMA Vails Gate.

By Lauren Rose