Tiger Schulmann’s

1st Weight Loss Challenge Starts This Monday

Last Updated on September 18, 2014.

Those who train here at Tiger Schulmann‘s  Morris Plains know the physical benefits you gain every time you are here one included is weight loss. Every kickboxing class is designed to deliver a full body workout, from cardio and muscle strengthening, to flexibility and mental relief from stress. However, in order to be in great shape inside and out, there is one more aspect that we must focus on – OUR DIET!
The benefits gained in one hour of training here can be undone in one visit to McDonalds. Therefore knowing the proper foods to fuel our body can make the difference between getting our body in peak shape or just running in place. Luckily all our students will have the chance to learn all about nutrition this Friday.
Our first 60 day challenge weight loss starts this Monday, with our nutrition seminar this Friday at 9pm , and the timing could not be more perfect. With the Holidays right around the corner (Thanksgiving is November 27th!!!) it is the most important time to get in shape. Most people gain their excess weight in thoses 5 short  weeks between thanksgiving and new years, so we can negate that by being in amazing shape when the holidays start. If you have not done so yet, sign up at the front desk. Before pictures will be taken as well on friday, or you can take your own at home. Any goal you have is easier when you have a team behind you, so dont hesitate to join the team! See you on the mat.