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What Do You Really Want From Your Work Out?

Last Updated on January 30, 2013.

TSMMA Kickboxing

BY: Sensei Anthony Viscovich – TSMMA Astoria

WHAT do you really want from a work out?

To lose a few pounds and get toned ?  Would that make you happy?  Relieve some tension from a hard days work?  Would that do it?   What if it could raise your level of capability in all that you do?

That could be it?

What if I told you that you could get all of that in one place?  That’s the case at Tiger Schulmann’s Mixed Martial Arts.  A three dimensional workout that leaves you feeling winded yet refreshed and even a little more confident every time you come


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The workout is ten 3 minute rounds of continuous action with a minute rest in between so you can catch your breath while your instructor explains the next technique, combination or exercise.  Then seven  minutes of stretching to help your body cool down.  This format is the best for weight loss results and to help those to regain the cardiovascular endurance they once had.  Strength training helps add muscle which in turn helps weight loss and toning.  Flexibility training (stretching) will help reduce injuries so that you can train more consistently and helps shape your muscle as well…. and that’s just the physical benefit of it

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An obvious reason for most students to enroll is to learn how to protect themselves.  We all would like the ability to know what to do in a self defense situation, so while your body is going through the training described above your mind is focused on one thing and one thing only…perfecting your technique!

This concentrated effort which drives you for the entire hour acts as a dynamic meditation that allows your brain to take a mental vacation from the stresses of everyday life. Not to mention that hitting something as hard as you can, feels awesome.

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Learning how to train both body and mind leads to other benefits.  As you discipline yourself to become more consistent,  growth is achieved.  Through slow and steady improvement you start to realize your potential and confidence is gained.   Belief in yourself and an overall well being  is a feeling that people search for their entire lives.  All it takes is a little discipline and the right program.

Tiger Schulmann’s is that program and I am proud to be part of something that helps so many.