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Why Kickboxing Is The Best Fitness Program

Last Updated on January 12, 2015.

Weight Loss
Men and woman of Tiger Schulmann’s get amazing weight loss results doing kickboxing



Why Kickboxing Is The Best Fitness Program


With the new year here, most adults are ready to get into the best shape of their lives.  Which is a great goal, but most of the people that aim for this goal never reach it.  Lack of self discipline plays a huge part in the demise of hitting your fitness goals.

There are many reasons why people can’t reach those fitness goals they are so wanting to reach.  Most people join the GYM and in only a month later stop going.  At the gym you won’t find motivation through your training, unless you get a personal trainer, but honestly that can be very expensive.  I have a student of mine that is a personal trainer and for 40 sessions which is 40 hours it cost the member at the gym 6,000 dollars.  6,ooo dollars for 40 hours?!?!?!?!  That is insane!  Most personal trainers are certified through a website or just take a weekend course.  To me that’s a slap in the face.  I have been training in Tiger Schulmann’s for almost 23 years, and I still train at least three days a week under the instruction of Master Tiger Schulmann himself.  If I don’t train then I lose my certification and cannot teach, now I love to train but at least you know when you come to a Tiger Schulmann’s school your instructor is doing the same thing he is teaching you.  And by the way, my program for so many more hours is no where near 6,000 dollars.

With Kickboxing, Jen lost a total of 130 pounds

What I love about my program is that you never have to come up with any routine.  Each of the instructors in Tiger Schulmann’s have a set curriculum written and created by our Founder Master Tiger Schumann.   At the gym you gotta create your own routine, but if you are undisciplined and have no idea on how to workout, then how can you create a workout plan and stick to it? As you see in the picture above, Jen lost 130 pounds training here at Tiger Schulmann’s.

Besides getting into amazing shape you’ll walk out of every Tiger Schulmann’s class with a feeling of empowerment.  We teach an authentic streetwise self defense.  As a matter a fact one of my female students defended herself agaisnt a man with a gun last month.  She is a paramedic and a man was on the influence of drugs.  He reached for his gun and she held him on the ground till the police came.  She held him in a position that I teach in my close range self defense class, you can read the story by clicking on Julie’s story.  Julie’s story

That’s what my program is all about, I always like to say “it’s a fitness program with a kick!”.  My main focus is teaching authentic self defense and the ancillary benefit is getting into amazing shape!