Tiger Schulmann’s

Why Tiger Schulmann’s Is Your Fitness Solution

Last Updated on April 24, 2015.

Kickboxing at TSMMA Old Bridge
Hitting the heavy bag at Tiger Schulmann’s.

There are many choices you can make if you want to lose weight and get in shape. There’s tons of gyms with personal trainers, there’s cardio kickboxing classes, and there’s even exercise equipment at home. So why is Tiger Schulmann’s Mixed Martial Arts better and more effective than any of these countless options in your own area? The answer becomes clear in a matter of minutes. Or rounds, in this case.

What makes the TSMMA program in a class all itself is the amount of benefits you receive all at once in one training session. In fact, it’s threefold: you learn a skill, how to defend yourself, and tone up, all at the same time. Through kickboxing first and later on close-range defense, you learn the martial arts. Whereas Tiger Schulmann’s used to be strictly Karate, the strikes you’ll learn with a partner on the heavy bag show you a modern and practical style of combat – punch by punch, kick by kick. Eventually learning the close-range aspect of grappling in a completely different type of work out, you will become a well-rounded Mixed Martial Artist on your journey towards a healthier and fit ‘You’.

And that’s what everyone wants, right? To be fit, in better shape? So why train with TSMMA instead of those other ways? For one, you can take a cardio kickboxing class, but they’ll probably have you swing your arms without technique, without consideration to practical use, which could also lead to injuries. Why spend so much time throwing punches and kicks if you’re not being taught them properly, when you can spend that time honing your skills the right way, while getting shape also? The techniques you learn at TSMMA work – we wouldn’t have a Fight Team  full of successful professionals at our Headquarters if they didn’t work! You may not want to be a fighter, but you’ll train just like them. In the process, you’ll get in great shape. The specific toning that comes from hitting our bags & pads with our techniques can’t be replicated with dumb bells, elastic bands, or instructional videos. Our instructor and students will motivate you to do your best and stay consistent, which will make the pounds fly off, the muscles build up, and the mirror or scale become places that make you smile instead of dread.

Lastly, all at the same time you’ll get in shape and learn martial arts, you’ll also  learn how to defend yourself, which is important no matter your gender, age or size. You want to be able to protect yourself and your loved ones in any situation, but you can’t help anyone until you know how to help yourself first.  That all starts on our mat. Someone trying to steal from you – or worse – doesn’t care about your personal space; they will do what they want to do regardless of your feelings. If that happens, you will be ready. You will defend yourself using the techniques we will teach you. Forget a stolen wallet or purse; it could be the difference between life and death. The saying is, “It’s better to be safe than sorry”, and when you know the TSMMA way, you and the people around you that matter to you will be safe.

In essence, this narrows down all those options, to one. Tiger Schulmann’s Mixed Martial Arts is the only way to learn martial arts, get in shape and learn self defense, all at the same time. And with a Free Trial Class, you can come in and get a taste of all this today! Call 732-705-3351 or visit oldbridgemma.com to schedule your free class NOW!