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With Health Problems Mounting, Tim Turns to Tiger Schulmann’s and Loses 135lbs Kickboxing

Last Updated on January 2, 2014.

Cherry Hill Student Has Life Saving Weight Loss and Transformation Through Training

My name is Tim. In 2003, I made the best decision of my life. I joined Tiger Schulmann’s MMA Cherry Hill. I got the honor of training under Sensei McFeely and Sensei Campbell. Through this four year journey I soared to great heights. First I had lost 100 pounds. I achieved 2 wins at COC (2nd place in Kickboxing and 3rd in Grappling). I also earned my High Brown belt.

My training was cut short on Feb. 5, 2007 as I was hit by a 40ft construction wall. I suffered major nerve damage and 3 herniated discs. I was unable to train. Life had thrown me a huge curve ball.

When my personal life didn’t work, I put my goals into my work. With not being able to train, I accepted a manager’s position in Princeton, NJ and had great success. I was the #1 store in NJ. I was at the top, but it came with a price. I had put my work in front of me and my eating habits were really bad. Fast food and Mountain Dew Amp were my two main sources of food. Then one day I could not run up the stairs at work, I was so out of breath. My cholesterol and blood pressure were sky high. The doctors said I got to do something for weight loss and healthier lifestyle or I was heading for some real problems.

Health Problems Lead to Return to Cherry Hill

So I decided to give up my management position and decided to come home. I wanted to come back to TSMMA Cherry Hill and give it one more shot. When I came back 2 ½ years ago, I was 365 pounds, size 46 waist. I agreed to give up my belt until I earned it back with goals set by Joshu Baker.

Our 1st 60-Day Weight Loss Challenge I lost over 30 pounds and said I can do this.

Little by little achieving small goals, I started to lose some weight. I just wanted to be under 300 pounds. Then we had our 1st 60-Day Weight Loss Challenge. That challenge I lost over 30 pounds and said I can do this. I kept chipping away at this goal. I had major support from all my cherry hill family and Joshu Baker. Then on night I was listening to Joshu at the end of class. He was talking about nouns (people, places and things). He was telling us to push all negative nouns and energy away in our life and that I did.

I started coming after work in afternoon and hitting the bag and also coming at night to classes. Everything started to fall into place. I take care of me! I achieved my weight goal, lost 135 pounds, and earned my High Brown belt back. I also got my smile back and am enjoying life. My confidence was back, I am a totally different person.

I take care of me! I achieved my weight goal, lost 135 pounds, and earned my High Brown belt back.

Better Health and Weight Loss Leads to Confidence and Happiness

During these 2 ½ years, I was thrown many curve balls. I had lost all my belongings two times from a flood. I also lost something of 19 years that I helped build. When all this happened, Joshu said the one thing that helped; he was sorry for what happened to me, but he would love to have me at TSMMA more and for this to help him through. That was something I needed.

All the obstacles we face in life are not define us as a person, but Joshu is always there to help us through and be there until we come back around. Joshu Baker is a true teacher. He has desire and passion to teach us. He love us even when we’re going through hell. I am so glad I came back. Major thanks to Joshu Baker and all of TSMMA Cherry Hill. If you ask if I would do it all again, the sleepless nights, the many hours of training…..in a heartbeat!

-Tim Viva – TSMMA Cherry

Come transform your life to a healthier and happy one like Tim at Tiger Schulmann’s MMA!