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Last Updated on September 5, 2014.

If you are going to do something, do it right! It’s a phrase we all heard from our parents growing up. It has proven true over and over again. Every time you put a hundred percent of your focus and effort into achieving a goal it works.

What more important goal is there than health and physical conditioning. Manhattan residents have tried millions of workouts over the years, but Kickboxing has always proven to be a winner. Not only do students get phenomenal physical results, but the mental aspects of training give benefits no other workout can match.

kickboxing for fitness
Kickboxing provides cardio, muscle tone and flexibility all in one hour!


Ask most people to tell you the greatest city on Earth and you will hear New York. Being the best brings certain perks. For Manhattanites it’s access to the world’s best training in Kickboxing. At Tiger Schulmann’s MMA in Gramercy two world class fighters double as world class trainers.

Sensei Carlos Brooks fought in Chuck Norris’ World Combat League. Brooks was first a Tiger Schulmann’s student. He used Kickboxing to trim more than a hundred pounds from his frame before undertaking a competitive career.

He understands exactly why adults are so drawn to Kickboxing.

Kickboxing for workplace professionals taught by Kickboxing professionals!
Kickboxing for workplace professionals taught by Kickboxing professionals!


“Most of my Gramercy students will never compete,” says the Head Instructor of morning classes. “What they will do is get the best workout while relieving stress and learning real self-defense.”

Brooks never loses focus on the three most important aspects of his students training. A one hour class will always give a complete workout, touching muscle toning, cardio and flexibility. Students will be engaged in learning specific self-defense techniques designed for a street situation. That means your mind gets a stress relieving hour break from reality all while learning a valuable life skill and getting in shape.

“Many adults know getting in great shape will increase their confidence,” says Sensei Jimmie Rivera, the Head Instructor of TSMMA Gramercy evening classes. “What they don’t realize is how much confidence comes form knowing how to defend yourself.”

Rivera says learning self-defense also helps Manhattan Kickboxing members stay consistent long after other workouts have failed because the fun and learning a life skill never get boring.

Call TSMMA in Gramercy Manhattan or register online today and see why 200,000 students, including Rivera and Brooks who were students first before becoming instructors, have chosen Tiger Schulmann’s.