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Would Your Self Defense Skills Hold Up in the Real World

Last Updated on August 22, 2014.

Mike has a company in New York City.  He lives in Wayne NJ.   He enrolled his entire family at Tiger Schulmann’s MMA of Wayne NJ about 8 years ago.  The boys graduated to other sports which took over most of their time.  His wife had working mother issues which as many of you know can lead to very limited amounts of time.  Mike however, stuck with his training for the past eight years.

self defense at the most basic level is what you need to protect yourself
Tiger Schulmann’s Students Learn Real Life Self Defense Everyday

He has been kickboxing and grappling for most of that time, and learning to apply the realistic aspects of self defense, luckily for him.  A few weeks ago he was driving through the city on his way home from work, when a pedestrian stepped off the curb in front of his car at a busy intersection.  Stopping short to keep from hitting the pedestrian his car was now “blocking the box” and the mob of daily commuters and sidewalkers saw the stopped car and took their opportunity to cross the busy street.


Real life self defense situations can arise without a moment’s notice.

Self Defense Training at Tiger Schulmann's will get you ready for any situation
Self Defense must be practiced until it becomes second nature


Stuck now and unable to move forward surrounded by a sea of pedestrians his attention turned back to the individual who stepped in front of the car.  Mike rolled down his window to let him know he didn’t see him until the last second and to apologize.  The man was not happy with the apology and through Mike’s open window he reached in a grabbed Mike by the neck.  Before Mike could react to this aggressive move the individual actually hit him through the window.


Still being unable to move his car, and fearing a second strike coming through the open window, Mike put the car in park and quickly opened his door with a forceful shove and knocked the individual back.  Upon exiting his car to lessen the disadvantage in the event of more aggressive behavior, as he’s been trained for in self defense class.  The individual then began charging forward toward himself and the parked car.  Before he could think about what to do the charging foe was met with a leaping over hand right cross, also known as a superman punch, a technique which is part of the curriculum in kickboxing and self defense classes at Tiger Schulmann’s. The larger more aggressive individual quickly found himself gathering his wits while on the ground.


Unfortunately for Mike, he was also met with two of NYPD finest introducing him to the hood of his car and dressing him in silver bracelets. After a few minutes of explaining himself and the situation the officers, who actually witnessed the entire altercation, were kind enough to send him on his way and start tending to the aggressor in the situation.


Reflecting back on how Tiger Schulmann’s MMA of Wayne NJ’s self defense and kickboxing program thoroughly provided him with the tools to take care of himself.

So on the ride home Mike was thinking back over the course of recent events and how quickly simply driving home in his car listening to the radio, turned into a real life self defense situation.  As well as the fact, all his years of training, all those hours of sweating and getting into shape taking kickboxing and self defense classes,  had more than adequately prepared him to handle the altercation.

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