Tiger Schulmann’s

“You Can’t Out Exercise a Bad Diet”

Last Updated on June 24, 2014.

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No one magically becomes overweight overnight but somehow we always expect to lose those extra pounds by some miracle, a diet pill, new 15 minute a day workout or by a wish and a prayer. I was no different. I mean, who wouldn’t want max results with minimum effort? So for a long time it was a struggle until I finally decided I needed to make forward motions and I started training at TSK. This however, wasn’t the moment it all changed around. Yes, I was absolutely enjoying myself and was working out almost every day but I never changed my diet. As a stress-eater I routinely ate my way through as much junk food as was necessary to get me through the day. And though I wasn’t gaining any weight because of how active I had become, I also was not losing anything or seeing any real health gains.

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A year later that irritating line that was always repeated finally struck a cord “you can’t out exercise a bad diet”. The moment I changed my diet it was like a switch being flipped, combined with training the pounds began to fall off. Discipline was necessary to maintain a healthier lifestyle and I struggled with it daily, but as the gains became apparent it grew easier and easier to maintain a healthier me.

By: Sparkle Peters- TSMMA NYC