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UFC on FOX 3 Weigh-in and Event Details (Weigh-ins Free and Open to the Public)

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UFC on FOX 3 Weigh-in and Event Details

Weigh-in Details

Friday, May 4th

IZOD Center
50 State Route 120
East Rutherford, NJ 07073

Weigh-in’s start at 4:00 – 4:30 p.m. EDT

This event is free and open to the General Public. Parking is also Free.

Come out and support Louis Gaudinot at the Weigh-in’s – IT’s a FREE event

If you can’t make it to the weigh-in in person, you can stream it online at UFC.COM

Saturday, May 5th- Fight Day

IZOD Center
50 State Route 120
East Rutherford, NJ 07073

3:00 p.m. EDT > Doors open to arena
4:00 p.m. EDT > First Bout begins
This event is admission by ticket only- there are still plenty tickets available

If you can’t make it to the fights in person, you can watch Louis’ fight on Fuel TV – Fights start at 5pm

The main card will broadcast on Fox, starting at 8pm.


UFC on Fox 3: Green means go for Louis Gaudinot

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UFC on Fox 3: Green means go for Louis Gaudinot


UFC flyweight Louis “Goodnight” Gaudinot’s fighting career is all about standing out from the pack.

For starters, the 5-2 Hoboken, N.J. fighter can claim a stint on the 14th season of “The Ultimate Fighter” for his meteoric rise up the MMA ranks. Not content for mere exposure on the hit TV show, he went on to win “Fight of the Season” accolades in a submission loss to Dustin “The Disciple” Pague. Nearly a year later, Gaudinot (Twitter: @LouGaudinotUFC) credits the show as pivotal boost to his career.

“Being on ‘The Ultimate Fighter’ got my name out there instead of coming into the UFC by the usual route,” Gaudinot told MMADiehards on Tuesday’s MMA Beatdown. “Recognition is the biggest thing. You’re on the show for 12 or 13 weeks and people seeing you every week is definitely good for your career.”

It helped that punk rock style stood out in a house of 16 aspiring UFC athletes. When he wasn’t putting on star-making fights, Gaudinot was attracting constant stares with his bright green hair. With his season now over, it’s a look the flyweight said isn’t leaving anytime soon.

“I’ll always have the green hair,” Gaudinot declared. “It’s my trademark. It helps people recognize me. I can’t get rid of it.”

Gaudinot will next try making his mark with a UFC on Fox 3 match against Brazil’s 19-5 John “Mao-de-Pedra” Lineker on Saturday. On paper, it’s a close contest as both men are debuting in the UFC’s flyweight division. Gaudinot, however, maintains he’ll have an advantage given that Lineker doesn’t love fighting at 125 lbs. like he does.

“All my pro fights have been at flyweight,” said Gaudinot, who moved up to bantamweight for his “Ultimate Fighter” exhibition match. “It’s my natural weight class. It feels good to be back where I started. It feels like I’m home.”

Such confidence doesn’t mean Gaudinot is looking past Lineker. On the contrary, he said he sees his opponent as a tough challenge to overcome.

“Lineker’s put together a nice run of 12 wins in a row, 13 wins in a row,” Gaudinot said. “He likes to swing and throw bombs. At the same time, I’m not seeing him dropping anybody with one punch. I’m looking to go in there and trade with him.”

It’s a high risk, high reward strategy in the UFC’s new flyweight division. Launched with a four-person title tournament in March, a champion remains uncrowned as semi-finalist Joseph “Joe B-Wan Kenobi” Benavidez awaits the victor of Ian “Uncle Creepy” McCall vs. Demetrious “Mighty Mouse” Johnson in June. For division rookies like Gaudinot, it won’t take long entering the rankings and storming the title holder’s gates.

“Right now the flyweight division is up in the air,” said Gaudinot, who estimates the UFC has signed eight flyweights besides himself. “With two or three impressive fights you could be fighting for the title as you’ve beaten two-thirds of the roster for your division. It’s definitely exciting.”

All the same, Gaudinot said he prefers fighting smart rather than speculating on the future. When the cage door closes for his match against Lineker, he said he’ll go after what works rather than people’s predictions.

“The division is young,” Gaudinot said. “I’m looking to move myself up the ladder. I’m not going to go out there and force anything. If I hurt him I’m going to finish him then.”

UFC Fighter Louis Gaudinot Speaks to Fox News Latino

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UFC Fighter Louis Gaudinot Speaks to Fox News Latino

By Victor Garcia

Published May 01, 2012

Fox News Latino


Louis Gaudinot (5-2) didn’t exactly start his career in the UFC on the best note.

He was submitted during his stint on “The Ultimate Fighter” and eliminated from the prized tournament for a UFC contract but the UFC saw potential.

At “The Ultimate Fighter Finale” Gaudinot made his official bantamweight debut against the much bigger Johnny Bedford and was handed a TKO loss.

But things weren’t all that bad for the green haired warrior.

The UFC has just announced and added a flyweight division giving smaller fighters that had to move up in weight to follow their dream and fight for the premier mixed martial arts organization a chance to fight at their natural weight and revive some careers.

Gaudinot a top ten ranked fighter at flyweight would now be able to showcase his talents and fight in the UFC at 125 lbs.

Gaudinot has no regrets about fighting outside of his weight class.

“It was an opportunity to fight in the UFC… make a name for yourself,” said Gaudinot.  “I took the opportunity.”

This Saturday at the “UFC on Fox” event headlined by Nate Diaz vs. Jim Miller at the Izod Center in New Jersey, Gaudinot will get his chance to prove he belongs.

“I got my UFC jitters out awhile ago, fighting on [The Ultimate Fighter].

He will fight on the Fuel TV preliminary fights against John Lineker (19-5), a Brazilian champion whose aggressive fighting style has been noted.

“The guy likes to throw hard.  Every punch he throws he’s trying to kill you,” said Gaudinot.

The owner of Tiger Schulmann’s in Hoboken, NJ is ready to showcase his skills and fighting prowess to a live national audience May 5th and put any doubts to rest.

“I’m trying to go out there and show the fans why they should want to watch 125,” said Gaudinot.

Louis Gaudinot excited to fight at ‘an even playing field’ in UFC’s newly-formed flyweight division

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Louis Gaudinot excited to fight at ‘an even playing field’ in UFC’s newly-formed flyweight division

By The Score MMA Blog

Louis Gaudinot is happy to be fighting guys his own size again.

The 5’3? mixed martial artist, who became well-known to UFC fans on the 14th season of “The Ultimate Fighter” due to his tenacious style as well as his signature green hair, is dropping back down to his natural weight class of 125 pounds after competing on TUF as a bantamweight. The UFC didn’t have a flyweight division at the time, so Gaudinot, who fought his first six pro fights as a 125-pounder, was forced to fight against opponents much bigger than him.

But now that the UFC’s brought in the weight class, it’s safe to say the Yonkers, New York native is pumped.

“I was really excited,” Gaudinot (5-2 MMA, 0-1 UFC) told theScore of when he heard the UFC was finally opening up the 125-pound division. “When I was on the show, me, John Dodson, and Josh Ferguson were flyweights. We always bugged Dana (White) when the flyweights were coming, then they finally made the announcement.

“It’s so much better because now I don’t have to fight someone walking into the cage at 170 whereas I was only cutting three or four pounds (to make 135). It’s an even playing field now.”

Although he didn’t name names, Gaudinot was of course referring to Johnny Bedford, the massive bantamweight who he fought at “The Ultimate Fighter 14? finale. Bedford, who is 5’10?, absolutely dwarfed Gaudinot during their battle en route to a third round TKO victory, although many observers didn’t believe it was a fair fight due to the size discrepancy.

Technically, though, both guys did weigh in at 135 the day before the fight, so Gaudinot can’t complain. He knew it wasn’t going to be easy, because he had fought Dustin Pague, another bantamweight who cuts a lot of weight, during his stint in the TUF house.

“I knew it was going to be tough going in there. I fought another big ’35er in Pague, so I knew I’d have my hands full,” he said. “We had a game plan going in there and everything. (But that) training camp wasn’t like this training camp — I had some snags along the way. (Bedford) was able to take me down and implement his gameplan. I think if we fought again it wouldn’t be like that.”

That “snag” that Gaudinot refers to was an injury that likely would have made other fighters leery of stepping into a cage, especially against a dangerous guy like Bedford. But, as Gaudinot knows, when the UFC calls, you don’t say no.

“I got the call from (UFC matchmaker) Sean Shelby about the (Bedford) fight, but two days before that I hurt my wrist in training,” the Tiger Schulmann product said. “But I talked to my coach and when the UFC calls, you take it. Sean said you can take this fight at 135. If you win you get a contract, if you lose when we open up the flyweights you’ll get a shot at 125.

“I had nothing to lose, and I didn’t want to sit on the sidelines or fight in a local show, so I took it. I’ve done that before in my career (fighting injured) — sometimes you win, sometimes you lose, but at this level you can’t go into a fight with a major injury.”

But he doesn’t have any injuries — nor a weight disadvantage — this time around when he fights UFC newcomer John Lineker (19-5 MMA) at UFC on FOX 3 this Saturday night in his backyard of New Jersey, which is why he’s so particularly excited about stepping back into the cage.

“It’s at my natural weight class,” Gaudinot said of fighting Lineker at 125 pounds. “I’m not going to be giving up 30 pounds when I go into the cage. Some of these guys walk in at 165, 170, but I walked in at 140. I think at my weight class I hit a lot harder than the other flyweights do and I’m looking to show that this weekend.”

Still, while Gaudinot has made the cut six times in the past, this is his first time fighting at flyweight since September 2010, so he’s had to keep his weight down the whole camp to make the 126-pound limit for a non-title fight. But he has, and as he’s waking up in the mornings right now at 134 pounds, he’ll have no problem making it, and then taking on the Brazilian Lineker, who is nicknamed “Hands of Stone” due to his heavy hands producing eight knockouts in his 19 victories.

And while knockouts are rare at the weight, Lineker’s record doesn’t phase Gaudinot.

“He definitely has a lot of power in his hands, but I’m not as concerned as some people try to make it out to seem,” he said. “I don’t see him dropping guys with one shot, but he has some good ground and pound if he gets on top of you. He swings for the fences and he tries to knock you out, but I don’t see him knocking guys out with one shot.”

Still, Linker’s a dangerous fighter. And while Gaudinot isn’t looking past him, he is fully aware a win against anybody in the ultra-thin UFC flyweight division means you’re near getting a crack at the title, whenever the UFC’s flyweight tournament to decide the promotion’s first-ever 125-pound pound champion concludes.

“If I win, I’ll fight whoever the UFC puts in front of me,” he said. “(But) I want to fight one of the guys in the tournament, just to show I’m at that level. There’s only nine guys on the UFC flyweight roster, so if you defeat one or two guys, you’re in line for a title shot because it’s such a new and young division. You don’t want to look too far ahead but you think, ‘If I win one or two fights impressively I could be fighting for the title.’”

Fighting guys his own size once again, don’t be surprised if the pint-sized man with the green hair is competing for UFC gold sooner rather than later.

Train with Louis Gaudinot @ TSMMA Hoboken