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September 2013

Tiger Schulmann's Martial Arts | Jimmie Rivera vs Sidemar Honorio

Rivera Shows TSMMA Non-Quitting Spirit

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By: Sensei Thad Campbell of TSMMA Feasterville

You can’t see what someones really made of until they are put in a bad situation. Well we found out exactly what Jimmie Rivera is made of Saturday night at World Series of Fighting 5.

“El Terror” was shooting for his twelfth straight win after a loss in his second pro fight. That loss was a close fight and came fifteen pounds north of his current Bantamweight division. There he is undefeated and boasts a King of the Cage Title.

Saturday at Revel in Atlantic City he took his first step towards a World Series of Fighting Belt. He was set to face Sidemar Honorio. The Renzo Gracie fighter brought an 8-3 record, which may undersell his talent level.


Awkward in the standup and boasting Gracie Jiu Jitsu he came in feeling armed to stand with the Tiger Schulmann’s fighter and expected to dominate the ground.

He would be sadly mistaken.

Early in the fight Rivera established his control of the ring, forcing Honorio to constantly retreat and throwing power shots. Honorio wasn’t going away easy though and clipped Rivera with a counter right hand on one exchange.

Clearly stunned, Rivera immediately clutched for a double. Honorio countered and landed a number of shots as Rivera was on his back trying to establish guard.

Despite referee Dan Miragliota taking a close look, Rivera was ok and worked his way back up to his feet. He proceeded to dominate the next thirteen minutes.

As soon as Rivera got back to standup he reestablished control of the ring and didn’t allow his opponent another chance.

After a few successful combinations Rivera transitioned smoothly to a double leg and proceeded to disabuse Honorio of his belief in his grappling advantage. Rivera continually established dominant positions eventually settling on the turtled Honorios hip while landing a series of hammerfists and elbows.


Rivera was content to keep the second round standing. He dominated the cage for five straight minutes. Forcing Honorio backwards constantly he avoided any damaging shots while continuing to deal his own on the Gracie fighter. The round was highlighted by a beautiful left hook that staggered Honorio. Just for good measure Rivera threw in a textbook double leg to finish things off.


The third was more dominance from Rivera as he again took Honorio down and settled on his hip. On the feet he continued to dominate. Now mixing in some good body work to go along with stinging low kicks that one time put Honorio down.


All in all it was the most impressive of Rivera’s 13 victories. Even his title winning tilt against Colin Tebow didn’t force Rivera to show the come back ability “El Terror” showed tonight.

It was a great opportunity in the up and coming World Series of Fighting promotion for the 24 year old Manhattan TSMMA instructor. He sure took advantage of it.

His performance had former World Champion and MMA legend Bas Rutten raving about his skills and left this writer and all his other fans looking forward to his next fight.

Congratulations to Rivera on what was a brilliant performance!


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TSMMA Fight Team Visits Bellmore Kickboxing Academy

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Team Tiger Schulmann took a trip to Long Island to train and spar with some of the Top Fighters at Bellmore Kickboxing Academy on Thursday September 5th. Bellmore Kickboxing is home of UFC fighters Dennie Bermundez, Ryan LaFlare, and Costa Philippou as well as undefeated Boxer Chris Algieri and head trainer Keith Trimble.

Making the trip for TSMMA was Jimmie Rivera, Nick Pace, Julio Arce, Shane Burgos, Stephen Regman, Mike Fischetti, Malik Blake, Craig Alexander, Carlos Brooks and Coaches Tiger Schulmann and Ray Velez.

Both Teams benefited from some top notch rounds of intense boxing, kickboxing, grappling, and MMA training, pushing each other to the limits. Cross-team training is great for both camps to prepare their fighters for their upcoming bouts, taking the fighters out of their comfort zone of their regular training partners. Expect to see more training between the two gyms as Bellmore kickboxing makes its way to Tiger Schulmann’s HQ in Elmwood Park, NJ.

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After Training TSMMA for a Year, 9 Year Old Earns Better Grades as Confidence Grows

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tsmma tampa

Logan “The Loganator” Rowe has been training at TSMMA Tampa for almost a year and is a high blue belt. The following is an interview with his mom Rebecca.

Q: Why did you first bring Logan in to train?

A: I brought Logan in because over the summer he enjoyed punching a heavy bag that his dad had hanging in the garage. I figured he should learn how to do it the right way.

Q: Besides just hitting a bag what else were you looking for at Tiger Schulmann’s?

A: I had felt Logan never really found a sport or an activity that have could call his own. Something that he enjoyed. He really has enjoyed his training in martial arts.

Q: How did TSMMA help him with school?

A: Logan was shy and would never speak up in class. He has totally turned that around since he started training. His confidence has grown tremendously and now his teachers actually are getting to know him. He answers up in class! This supports his grades which are better then ever.

Q: What is Logan’s favorite class?

A: Logan still loves the core class because of the technique and bag training.

Q: What is your favorite part of class?

A: I really like the sparring in his kickboxing class. I believe this is going to help him learn how to defend himself if he ever has too. Logan being able to handle any situation is very important to me.

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Self-Defense and Confidence Overcomes Bullying on School Bus

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By – TSMMA Garden City

As a parent you always worry about your children, I know that I will always protect them when I am there but who will protect your kids when you are not there.  My son is athletic, plays many sports but while those activities are great I knew that I wanted him to be confident and be able to defend himself in any situation. So he started training at Tiger Schulmann’s Mixed Martial arts of Garden City with Sensei Domingo and Joshu Karikas.

Trouble began when he started to take the bus to school.  We would hear stories about one of the kids, but I didn’t think much of at the time after all he was only third grade and he really didn’t see that boy during the rest of the day.  It didn’t seem like much until one day I went to pick him up at the bus stop after he had come home.

He came off the bus all upset and apologizing, he was shaken and kept saying he was sorry.  He told me that he had to use his Tiger Schulmann’s training. I calmed him down, and told him to tell me what happened.  The boy who had been trouble all along, grabbed him and put him in a head lock.  What did you do I asked, I grabbed his arm and made space, ducked under and threw the kid on the ground reversing the dangerous situation and then stepped over him and walked off the bus while the other kids laughed at the bully on the floor.


I smiled and told him never to apologize to anyone for defending himself.  Then I told him he did the right thing and how proud I was of him.  He not only defended himself but defused a potentially dangerous situation and walked out the hero.

I cant thank Sensei Domingo and Joshu Karikas enough, all the work that they have put in teaching all the kids how to handle themselves in bully situations certainly has paid off. The program and the school is amazing and has helped my son really grow confident.