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Gyms Hope You Make The Same Mistake Again

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Definition of Insanity

Doing the same thing over again, expecting a different result. That’s the definition of insanity and it is exactly what is going to happen this New Year’s. Millions will make the same New Year’s resolution to get in shape and will join their local gym.

For a few weeks the few gym regulars will be some of the angriest people in town as they have to wait for a half hour to get to equipment to which they usually have easy access.

There’s a reason the Gym is Empty for most of the Year!

Staying consistent at the gym  is nearly impossible. I was walking through the checkout line at the grocery store the other day to see a front cover promotion on a major magazine cover saying, “Trick Yourself Into Going To The Gym!”

Really? Does anyone honestly think that tricking yourself is the way to get healthy?

Why Gyms Fail to Get You In Shape

Gyms will fail the vast majority of customers for a few important reasons. First, the workout itself is not getting most people results. Most people have no idea how to actually get a great workout. It requires intense periods of physical activity to build cardiovascular fitness, along with high repetitions of light weights to build lean muscle, as well as a great stretch to promote flexibility.

High Intensity Workouts that build Lean Muscle Promote Weight Loss even when your not actually working out!

Most people don’t even know this, let alone how to accomplish it at the gym. Research shows the average person will only exercise for four minutes out of an hour spent at the gym. That’s easy to understand given they don’t know what to actually do.

The second reason many people fail to get healthy at the gym is it’s boring. Many adults are busy and finding time to workout is hard enough. If you then have to trick yourself into doing it because their is no enjoyment it becomes much easier to quit.

There’s a reason Gyms put TV Monitors in front of the treadmill!

The third reason the gym fails to get people healthy is they don’t truly want you there. Gyms rely on sheer volume of people paying them. If their full roster of paying customers actually showed up regularly they would never have enough space to accommodate them. This is the reason you will never get a phone call from your gym if you happen to miss a couple of weeks!

The fourth reason gyms fail to get you in shape is because you don’t have a set schedule to follow. Convenience is the pathway to procrastination. The ability to choose what times and what days you are going to go often leads people to put going off until another day. This is the gateway to quitting.

Precisely Why TSMMA Kickboxing Works

The reasons the gym fails people are the exact reasons Kickboxing classes at Tiger Schulmann’s Mixed Martial Arts works! Students get a great three pronged workout, building cardio, strength and flexibility; all of which work together to help you get in shape without trudging to a traditional gym. They get a quick phone call if they miss classes without a reason, helping keep them consistent. Class is anything but boring, students are learning real Self-Defense and their mind is engaged by concentrating on specific techniques. Finally each student has a set schedule they are expected to follow. This makes it easier to stay consistent!


Thousands of Students Kickbox Year Round at TSMMA.

This winter instead of doing the same thing you’ve always done, get in shape for life like thousands of others have at Tiger Schulmann’s! Leave those long and boring days at the gym in the past and get a full workout without the gym!

Follow the link to learn how Kickboxing at Tiger Schulmann’s Mixed Martial Arts can help you get in shape without the gym.

By: Sensei Thad Campbell – TSMMA Feasterville



TSMMA Student Uses Kickboxing to Shave Years Off His Life

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Being Skinny Not Necessarily Being In Shape

Mike Berwind first came to Tiger Schulmann’s for Kickboxing classes five years ago.  At the time the Trevose, PA man was already less than a hundred and fifty pounds and losing weight was the farthest thing he needed for his physical conditioning to improve.  Just because he was skinny already didn’t mean he was in great shape.

Fast forward five years and Berwind is almost exactly the same weight.  What’s different is his relative age.

Berwind has become an expert at Kickboxing all while getting in better shape than people half his age!

 A new study at The Norwegian University of Science and Technology in Trondheim came up with a remarkably low tech way to test your Fitness Age.  By measuring your waist line, height, age, gender, resting heart rate and typical exercise regimen for the week, researchers can tell you how your body is acting physical relative to a typical person of any age between 20 and 90.

Kickboxing Added Twenty Years

The formula wasn’t made up out of thin air. Researchers evaluated 5,000 Norwegians from 20 to 90 taking a dozen measurements. They were able to narrow those measurements down to a remarkably small number that give a very good indication of someones relative fitness level.

Group Class Helps Motivate Trevose Man To Keep Coming Back For More!

 Berwind came across the article and plugged his numbers into the formula calculator (link here) to see a huge surprise. The 49 year old Trevose resident has the fitness age of a person 20 years his junior.

Ever caught yourself wishing you were twenty years young? Berwind spent five years of hard work earning that distinction.

Why Kickboxing Works

So how did Berwind shave twenty years off his relative age? Kickboxing impacted his resting heart rate immensely. The Interval Training method used in class is the quickest and best way to strengthen the cardiovascular system, allowing the heart to achieve the same results with less work, thus lowering the number of beats per minute.

Berwind’s Kickboxing Workouts Continue to Increase in Intensity as His Skill Improves!

 Also researchers found in their 5,000 person study, those who exercise vigorously at least 3 times a week are able to maximize their peak oxygen intake. This is the measure of how well the body delivers oxygen to cells. Because Berwind enjoys the upbeat, safe Kickboxing classes at Tiger Schulmann’s it is not hard at all to motivate himself to get there three or more days a week. Thus helping him live a more energetic and productive life.

Want to shave years off your life?  Call Tiger Schulmann’s today or register at the top right and take Free Beginner Kickboxing class.  See how you can live a longer, healthier life!

 By: Sensei Thad Campbell- TSMMA Feasterville

Tiger Schulmann's Martial Arts | Man Before And After

50lbs Lost in 6 Months Kickboxing at Tiger Schulmann’s

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Last week was my six month anniversary at Tiger Schulmann’s and I was proud to let Sensei know that I had lost 50 lbs in that time.

My lifestyle changed due to Tiger Schulmann’s disciplined Kickboxing workouts. My name is David and only 6 months ago I was 50 lbs overweight and looking at my 20th year anniversary as a smoker. Every now and then I would be reminded how out of shape I was. Thanks to a friend that works at the Tiger Schulmann’s Center on Steinway street in Astoria, I was fast on my way to a new life.

Six months later I am proud and ecstatic to say that I am no longer a smoker and dropped my weight from 225 lbs to a trim 175. It was not easy at first, classes were tough and I could not even walk after the first few. With the positive motivation of my instructor I was able to realize that my health was in my own hands and I made the decision to stop a bad habit that had been with me for a long time. After a few weeks of not smoking I noticed my performance improve and I wasn’t so exhausted after each workout. I was able to push myself even harder and got more and more out of each class.

Every time I would go to class my instructor would let me know how well I was doing. His positive motivation again would inspire me to keep trying harder. While trying to master some of the most effective self defense and kickboxing techniques I have seen it was hard to realize how many calories I was burning with each class. My mind would be on Auto Pilot while Sensei would be instructing how things were done. By the end of each class I would feel like I really did something. Later I found out I was burning 800 calories an hour.

Last week was my six month anniversary at Tiger Schulmann’s and I was proud to let Sensei know that I had lost 50 lbs in that time. I have been having fun the whole time, enjoying the atmosphere of a family based center and training with and being pushed by my partners there. All the while learning techniques that help protect myself. There is no way you can get this type of experience in a gym and I would recommend it for everyone.

Thank you Sensei and staff.

David Yusupov – TSMMA Astoria

Tiger Schulmann's Martial Arts | Man Making A Speech On A Podium

Tiger Schulmann’s NJ MMA Hall of Fame Induction & Speech Video

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12/6/13 – Secaucus, NJ

Tiger Schulmann receives Lifetime Achievement Award at the NJ MMA Hall of Fame Award Ceremony. Congratulations to Shihan Tiger Schulmann on being honored with this prestigious award. Read more about Tiger Schulmann’s Martial Arts History and Accolades here –

See Video Below – to view the rest of the ceremony visit


Alex’s Discipline, Confidence, & Self Esteem Improve as he finds Family Atmosphere at TSMMA

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Signing my son up for Tiger Schulmann’s was the best decision that I have made for my son.

My son Alex is 10 years old and has Asperger’s Syndrome and ADHD. He has played youth organized football and baseball, but it just wasn’t a fit for him. He would challenge authority figures and never truly respected or listened to adult role models. Alex would constantly get in trouble because he was bored and the other kids would bully him and push his buttons which would cause him to have major meltdowns.

In addition, he didn’t want to go to school and it was a battle every morning just to get him through the school doors each and every day. Many times Alex would tell me that he was sad because he doesn’t have any friends. It has been difficult for Alex to make and keep friends due to the fact that kids are very judgmental and tend to make fun or pick him because his has his quirks and doesn’t have a filter when it comes to saying what is on his mind.

I read an article about Tiger Schulmann’s about ADHD as well as Bullying Prevention. I took him into the TSMMA School in Allentown in August 2012.

As a mother it crushed me to see my son going through this. I just wanted my son to feel like he belonged, to be successful, and to have friends. I read an article about Tiger Schulmann’s about ADHD as well as Bullying Prevention. I took him into the TSMMA School in Allentown in August 2012. We met with Joshu Fonda and Shihan Simpson.

I expressed my concerns about Alex they listened and said that I would see results if I stick with it. So, Alex took a few trial classes and he wasn’t sure about it, but I decided to make a commitment and signed him up. I was consistent and took him twice a week for Kids Core class. After Alex earned his high white belt, he expressed interested in trying grappling. I signed him up for grappling as well and he loved it.

He enjoyed going to TSMMA for class and he began to have less problems at school and at home.

Over time, I could see Alex’s self-esteem, self-control, and self-confidence improve. This was the first time that he truly looked up to, listened to, and respected his adult role models. He enjoyed going to TSMMA for class and he began to have less problems at school and at home. Alex has become a happier child who is eager to go to Core and Grappling classes every Monday and Thursday.

This past weekend Alex participated in TSMMA’s Challenge of Champions. This was our first tournament and it surpassed my expectations. The TSMMA staff instructors did such a great job and the event was very impressive. Alex competed in grappling, 9-10 year old, blue belt division. He was so excited, nervous, and determined to do his best. I was so proud of him grappling and he came in 2nd place.

It was amazing to see Alex with so much focus, attention, determination, and drive.

Not only did I cheer for him along with my mom and daughter, but the TSMMA Allentown students and their parents were cheering him on as well. It was amazing to see Alex with so much focus, attention, determination, and drive. He was not only excited for himself, but for the other students at our school as well. He enjoyed watching the other students from our school compete and he cheered them on and was intensely watching them.

On our way home from the kickboxing and grappling tournament I said to Alex that maybe next time we can have more family come and watch him. He said to me, “Mommy I did have my family there.” I said, “Well, yeah, you had your grandma, your sister, and myself there.” He profoundly said to me, “Mommy, I had more than just that there. I had my Tiger Schulmann family there. Did you see and hear them cheering for me? You guys and my TSMMA family is all I need.”

The tears swelled up inside my eyes. Finally I have found a place that my son not only feels that he belongs in, but a place where we have gained family. Signing my son up for Tiger Schulmann’s was the best decision that I have made for my son.

Finally I have found a place that my son not only feels that he belongs in, but a place where we have gained family.

Tiger Schulmann’s of Allentown has taught my son discipline, confidence, respect, and a non-quitting spirit. Shihan Simpson and Joshu Fonda have been such a positive influence in Alex’s life. I cannot thank them enough for their patience, guidance, and commitment. They have played an important role in inspiring Alex to be motivated, overcome being bullied, and understanding the positive results of hard work. In addition to all of that, we now have an extended family.

By: TSMMA Allentown

Testimonial: Teen Gets Fit & Gains Confidence Through Kickboxing

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About 8 months ago Natasha L. joined Tiger Schulmann’s of Rockville Centre. Originally bullied, Natasha felt that learning kickboxing would be great for self defense and also provide a great workout to help tone up her body. She had began with a 2 day a week regiment upon enrolling here at Tiger Schulmann’s of Rockville Centre and has slowly progressed, adding more days/hours to her routine. She has politely provided her most recent written essay for her college applications. We have published this word for word as written…

 “Many people feel like they don’t belong. No one belongs or “fits in” everywhere they are. But everyone has that one place where they truly feel comfortable and are perfectly happy with life. These kinds of environments help a person come at peace with themselves. For me, that is at Tiger Schulmann’s of Rockville Centre.

I have been taking kickboxing classes at this place for some months now. All of my anger and stress goes away when I am there, and everything and everyone makes me blissful. It is a completely different environment than anywhere else I have ever been. Everyone there is like family and they are all so nice to me. For once, I feel like I belong somewhere. When I first started there, I was overweight, insecure, always down and never motivated to do anything. Ever since I joined, I feel like a new person.

Although I have been there for less than a year, I think about how different my life is and will be, i have completely re-drawn my path, thanks to Tiger Schulmann’s.

When I am at Tiger Schulmann’s of Rockville Centre I never want to leave. I train four days a week for three hours [minimum]. I consider Joshu, Sempai Vinny & Sempai CJ to be like older brothers. They have helped me through rough patches, never let me quit and get to where I am today. I have gained more self-confidence and no longer am as insecure as I once was. During my time there, I have managed to lose weight and I definitely see results. This makes me feel content and is one of the many reasons why I love to be there. Along with the instructors, the people who are training with me have become my inspiration. They all have their goals and aim high. They have made me more goal oriented. We are all like a big family. Although I have been there for less than a year, I think about how different my life is and will be, i have completely re-drawn my path, thanks to Tiger Schulmann’s. Since the time I took my very first class, everyone has done nothing but lend me a helping hand. As a result, I have become a team player and I have realized how group work is vital for success.

Being in these classes is the reason I have been able to succeed in everything I have done. It has given me the mentality to forget what the words “give up” mean.

Joining Tiger Schulmann’s has made me a completely new individual. I was very quiet, never wanted to say anything to anyone, or do anything with anyone because I didn’t feel confident about myself. After joining kickboxing, everything has changed. Inside and out, I have improved and continue to grow. Being in these classes is the reason I have been able to succeed in everything I have done. It has given me the mentality to forget what the words “give up” mean. Now all I think about is moving forward. No matter what the outcome is, whether I fail or accomplish my goal, I can learn to excel for the next time. If I had not joined, I would probably still be as stressed as before, with no way of letting out my anxieties and just keeping my emotions bottled in. “

Natasha L – TSMMA Rockville

Tiger Schulmann's Martial Arts | Men Group Photo On TSMA Shirts

Strikezone and Friday Night Fights Results

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Strikezone Muay Thai -12/13/13 – Edison NJ

Danny Rivera (TSMMA) vs. Austin Armstrong (ACMMA) – 126lbs

Armstrong wins via TKO round 1

Gerson Ochoa (Daddis Fight Camps) vs. Tony Kentrotas (TSMMA) – 135lbs

Kentrotas wins via Split Decision

Mickey Masalski (Knockout Fitness) vs. Jared Salzman (TSMMA) – 154lbs

Masalski wins via Decision

Emmanuel Encarnacion (Sensei Muay Thai) vs. Damien Bailey of (TSMMA) – 130lbs

Bailey wins Unanimous Decision

Michael Hynes (Knockout Fitness) vs. Chris Quijano of (TSMMA) – 147lbs

Quijano wins via KO round 1

Friday Night Fights – 12/13/13 – NYC


Malik Blake (TSMMA Manhattan) vs Nick Douchette (Renzo Garcie) – 163lbs

Blake wins via Unanimous Dec.

Missael Sanchez (TSMMA Manhattan) vs Jesse Bogorad (Renzo Gracie) – 133lbs

Sanchez wins via Unanimous Dec.

Aleen Prentice (TSMMA Manhattan) vs Camile Madis – 133lbs

Madis wins via decision


Check out 42:00 of the video below for Blake vs Douchette

‘Knockout’ Fad Reminds About History of Tiger Schulmann’s MMA

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Targeting Victim

I truly hoped a week ago when stories emerged of an elderly woman shooting a group of teens who allegedly attacked her it meant the end of the ‘knockout’ fad.

As it turns out the story was a hoax, and the attacks have continued.

What makes it even more appalling is the fact many of the attacks seemed to be racially motivated.

I train every week with a group of instructors who hail predominantly from New York City and the surrounding suburbs. Recently police noted the 10th alleged ‘Knockout’ attack in the city. Many of them have occurred in predominantly Jewish neighborhoods with the victims being Jewish.

Origins Of Tiger Schulmann’s

Many of you have heard me talk about my instructor’s beginnings in Martial Arts. I will repeat the story anyway as it relates directly to this trend.

Tiger Schulmann’s Start in Martial Arts was based on Racially Motivated Attack!

Daniel “Tiger” Schulmann hadn’t received the nickname yet when his older brother Ben was confronted by a group of bullies on the way home from school one day.

The two Schulmann’s father had moved to New York City from Israel. Born in Germany, he escaped during World War II, only to spend ten years in a ghetto in China. After the war the elder Schulmann went back to Germany, then to Israel and finally to America.

He came nearly penniless and worked multiple jobs without a place to live while saving enough money to bring his young wife and newborn Ben with him to the States.

Now Ben, barely into double digit years, was confronted on the streets of Manhattan merely for being Jewish. The bullies weren’t happy with simply mocking him and calling names, instead they laid his leg over the edge of the sidewalk and stomped on it, breaking his leg and putting him in the hospital for weeks.

No sooner had Ben recovered than he and his brother Danny were taken to a Kyokushin Karate school. Their father had spent countless hours in China watching the occupying forces of the Japanese military practice Karate. He had always been impressed with the discipline of the practice and felt it was the best way to help his kids protect themselves. Youngest brother Ron would follow as soon as he was old enough.

Shihan Ron Schulmann is the Chief Organization Instructor and has helped his brother make Tiger Schulmann’s the most successful Martial Arts Organization in the world!

 Tiger Schulmann quickly became a legend in the Kyokushin community, winning six consecutive North American Knockdown titles and competing in the World Karate Open at the tender age of 17, a tournament that featured no weight or age distinctions.

Passion For Helping Others

After completing his competitive career at the age of 21, Tiger Schulmann has dedicated thirty years to helping people of any race prevent what happened to his brother.

He continues to update our curriculum constantly to ensure our students have the best possible training to protect themselves on the street. He takes extra time to train our prestigious fight team compete at the highest levels of Martial Arts to test our techniques against other trained Martial Artists, competition that has proven the effectiveness of our curriculum.

Tiger Schulmann’s Teaches Real Street Techniques. Enrique Gonzalez (in front) used it to stop a shoplifter at his Grocery Store.


Knowing the origins of our organization, and myself having been the victim of bullying, it makes it all the more sickening to see a game that glorifies targeting the weakest most unsuspecting target and trying to hurt them.

The game has in fact proved fatal on multiple occasions, unfortunately the one report of it being fatal for the attacker was not true!

At least four alleged ‘Knockout’ attacks have proven fatal.

The only way to stop bullying has been and always will be to stand up to the attacker. I can only hope that one of the kids who thinks this game is so much fun picks me or one of my fellow instructors as a target!

In the meantime I hope anyone who doesn’t know self-defense will take the opportunity to stop in to the nearest Tiger Schulmann’s! We will teach you how not to be a victim of any attack, let alone this senseless game!

By: Sensei Thad Campbell – TSMMA Feasterville