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Tiger Schulmann's Martial Arts | Boy Wearing Championship Belt

TSMMA Jr Competition Team Impresses at Jr. Olympics Boxing Event

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3/29/14 – Queens, NY

Congratulations to TSMMA Jr. competition team members Eric Rodriguez, EJ Childs, and Matthew Lynch who all took part in the NY Jr Olympics boxing tournament in Queens NY. Eric captured the 112lb Jr. Olympic championship. Matthew was the runner-up in his division with a closely contested finals match. Lastly, EJ Childs earned a semi-final victory, sending him to the finals next weekend. All the Jr competitors were coached and cornered by TSMMA boxing coach Ray Velez, Sensei Nissim Levy, and Joshu’s Gegovic and Regman. TSMMA Jr Competition continues to Impress!


Tiger Schulmann's Martial Arts | Men Wearing TSMA Shirts

Trizano Shines in MMA Debut

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3/29/14 – North Bergen, NJ

Michael Trizano (TSMMA Nanuet) vs Gio Sanfratello – 145lbs

Trizano wins via submission in Round 1

Long known for his skills and success in kickboxing and muay thai, TSMMA Nanuet’s Mike Trizano finally stepped into the cage for his MMA debut. It took less than 1 full round for Trizano to showcase his well rounded skills, taking his opponent down and submitting him with a Darce Choke. Congratulations to Mike, we certainly hope to see him in the cage again soon.


Feature Fighter Interview: Stephen Regman

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Feature Fighter Interview: Stephen Regman


Today’s feature fighter is a man out of Tiger Schulmann’s MMA, 7x MMA and Kickboxing Champion Stephen Regman (1-1 pro). If you don’t know this name it might be time to get on the bandwagon because he is going to be a huge name very soon! Make sure to get over to Twitter and follow him @Stephen_Regman, he is yet another name to add to the most approachable fighters I have interviewed list, great man and great fighter!

MMAJAM: Hey there Stephen, thanks for taking the time out of your day to sit down with us here at MMAJAM.CA. What got you into the world of MMA? If you were not a fighter what do you think you would be doing?

Regman: Whoa two part question right off the back? Looks like things just got REAL! Ok first, as a kid I was always into Power Rangers, Ninja Turtles, and Dragonball Z. My parents needed something for me to do to control my energy. The sport teams in my town were good, really good, but I didn’t grow up in the best area and there were a lot of bad influences around. My parents then found Tiger Schulmann’s, which was about 20 minutes away and several towns over; I loved it from day one. Family atmosphere, great instruction, and I gained self – disciplined and self- confidence very fast and began to receive excellent grades in school. A couple years later, I wanted to take my training to the next level. I had my first kickboxing fight and from there on, it became my addiction. Many fights and years later I had my first MMA fight in VA. It was a tournament style MMA event almost like the old school Pride where you can fight more than once throughout the day. I was the youngest in the division at 18, won, and earned my first title! Again, another addiction was born!

Part two is simple because it’s what I do now. If I weren’t a fighter, I would be a full time Tiger Schulmann’s MMA instructor changing the lives of children, kids, and adults. As for adults, getting them into the best shape of their lives, lowering their stress and keeping them on a consistent schedule. This leads to them gaining self-discipline and understanding that they can defend themselves if need be, which leads to their self-confidence. As for the children and kids, giving them the tools they need to grow into the finest adult they can possibly be both physically and mentally. There is nothing else I would rather be doing.

MMAJAM: That is amazing and perhaps the best opening line to an answer I have ever received haha well done! What were some of your influences early on in your career and who are some now?

Regman: My influences early in my career and still to this day are my parents and Danny ‘Tiger’ Schulmann. While growing up and watching these three amazing people I learned one important thing: hard work pays off! If someone wants to have that instant gratification then go to the casino or play the lottery and even that isn’t guaranteed. If someone wants true happiness, then work hard and do not give up. Even after you reach a specific goal, that is when you set the goal even higher and continue to strive for more. My parents and Tiger Schulmann have taught me those things through their actions and I have never seen them frown.

MMAJAM: Couldn’t have any better influences than that! You are a fighter out of Tiger Schulmann’s MMA, talk to us about why you choose that gym and what makes you stay there.

Regman: I started my training at the age of 12 with Tiger Schulmann’s MMA and I have stayed ever since. Being coached by Tiger Schulmann himself as well as being able to train with some of the most talented MMA fighters are two reasons why I would never leave my gym. Also, the family environment that has been established throughout the organization and amongst our fight team is one that no other gym can replicate. Tiger Schulmann’s MMA gave me my foundation and I am still growing, learning, and evolving as a fighter and instructor everyday!

MMAJAM: From all the people I have ever interview or had the privledge to speak to they all say the same about Tiger Schulmann’s MMA, an amazing place! You are a 7 time MMA/Kickboxing champion, if you had to choose a favorite between the two what would it be and why?

Regman: Kickboxing is my first love! I grew to love MMA as I improved my jiu-jitsu and wrestling. I would pick MMA if I HAD to pick one. I really enjoy the fact that the fight isn’t limited to where it goes. It forces people to train in all aspects of the sport in order to be one of the best out there. In the street, you can’t really say ‘Hey let’s fight, but we have to stay standing’. The other person would just look at you like you’re crazy, possibly take you down, and punch you in the face. I enjoy MMA and feel that it has pushed me to focus on all aspect of my fight game.

MMAJAM: Couldn’t agree more, the game is always changing and you need to be well rounded to compete at any level. Talk to us about the hard work that goes into becoming a champion as well as the emotions that hit when you finally get to the top of that mountain?

Regman: Becoming a champion isn’t easy. If it were, then everyone would be a champion. There were and still are times when I have a bad day in training and I take it to heart as if I lost my title. I personally like the ‘bad days’. They are the important ones because they teach me to continue to train even when things aren’t going my way and to find a way to come out on top. That mentality has resulted in me earning 7 titles and defending them all at least twice and never losing one. I have gotten mentally stronger! I have not reached the top of the mountain yet. I am not in the UFC yet, I am not the UFC lightweight champ yet, and I have not retired as one of the greatest fighters who has stepped foot into the biggest MMA event in the world (UFC). I am slowly climbing my way to the top of the mountain and I will do all it takes to be a true champion and reach the top!

MMAJAM: Great statements all around there, truer words have never been spoken. What are some of your goals in and out of the cage?

Regman: In the cage, I want to be known as one of the greatest and most dynamic fighters of all time, plain and simple.

Out of the cage, I want to change lives. I want to help people become undefeated champions! Not in the sense of fighting in the ring/cage, but being undefeated champions in their own lives. Undefeated champions in school, at work, at home, wherever they want to. They will also know that if they had to defend themselves in an altercation, they will have the skill set to successfully do so. I plan to change lives in both children and adults and help people realize the power of a non-quitting spirit.

MMAJAM: That is simply amazing. I really hope the people you impact on a daily basis and the ones reading this know but how much they mean to you and exactly what you do for them! Now you just turned pro last September, talk to us about the difference you saw from ammy to pro?

Regman: One of the biggest differences for me is the fact that with a pro fight I can weigh in the night before. It gives me an opportunity to replenish and refuel my body to prepare for fight day. With an amateur fight, same day weigh ins can be challenging. Personally, I prefer the professional rules over the amateur rules because fighters can’t ‘lay and pray’ as easily. Even if someone gets taken down, I think the takedown shouldn’t be the deciding factor. It’s the action that happens once it gets to the ground. That being said, unfortunately there are still professional fighters who ‘lay and pray’ and win fights like that. Regardless if it’s an amateur or professional fight, each fight requires my complete attention and 100% dedication.

MMAJAM: Yeah I don’t think people realize that about many ammy promotions that you weigh in day of and it, ike you said can really influence how a fight goes. After you turned pro you lost your debut fight, what kind of emotions did you go through (was there ever doubt in your decision) and then in your last fight you won via TKO beating Jonathan Hughes did you feel a sense of validation?

Regman: In my pro debut, I fought a guy I fought when I was an amateur. I learned a very important aspect of the game; do not leave it to the judges. My opinion does not matter and no matter what people say I actually like that loss on my record. That split decision loss reminds me of the sea of emotions that I went through when I let it go to the judges. I learned more from that loss than I have from some of my wins. Going into my second pro fight, I knew what I had to do.  I was not leaving it to the judges. I will always look for the finish now!

MMAJAM: Ahh that famous Dana White quote about judges haha well done. Watching a couple of your fights on Youtube you have a pretty amazing fanbase. Can you take a minute to talk to us about what they mean to you and if you could tell all your fans one sentence what would it be?

Regman: Whenever I fight, I take my teammates, students, and fans in there with me. They push me to do what I do and to perform during my fights. The sounds of the chants, the crowds of people wearing my official TiGear shirt and hearing everyone scream makes my hair standing on end. The fans are what gets me excited and pumps me up when I step into the cage. My last fight I was nervous in the back. As I walked out, the closer I got to the cage, the louder the crowd got, the more confident and relaxed I became. Once I stepped in that cage, I felt at home! What I would like to say to my fans are two simple words, THANK YOU!

MMAJAM: Simply amazing ! So now what’s next in your career?

Regman: Whatever is next for me will present itself soon. I’m just going with the flow! Every fight and every performance gets me one step higher on the ladder. I keep myself both mentally and physically prepared for whatever is next to come in my career.

MMAJAM: Ok it’s time for the age old Fight Club question, if you could stand across the cage from anyone no matter the time period of weight class who would it be and why?

Regman: Every UFC I watch where this guy shows up I say I want to fight him. That man is Nate Diaz. Most people want to fight him because they don’t like him, but my reasoning is different. First off, Nate’s attitude and my attitude I believe can lead to one of the most built up fights of all time! The countdown video would be epic! Secondly, his fighting style and the attitude he brings into the cage can lead to potentially one of the greatest fights of all time! I’m still early in my career, but hopefully I can get that fight in the UFC one day. **cough cough*.

MMAJAM: I literally couldn’t agree more! I am a huge Diaz brother fan and love the mentatily because they take it for what it is, a fight. Yes there is the important respect aspect and lots of other factors but for 15-25 minutes it is just that, a fight. Ok last question; if someone was thinking of getting into the world of MMA and came to you for advice, what would your first statement be to them and why?

Regman: People have come to me about this already and I tell everyone the same thing, do not rush it. Fighting is not for everyone and it’s not as easy as it seems. Get a foundation of all the aspects of the sport first. Too many people out there say they want to fight and their coaches get them fights too early and they go out there and get beat or embarrassed. Some people are tough enough to win their first couple fights, then get embarrassed when they fight someone who has a stronger foundation. The person’s love for the sport can possibly be ruined because of that. Take your time and don’t rush into it!

MMAJAM: That isn’t the first or last time I have heard that exact statement and I hope to keep hearing it because it is the truth! Before we let you go are there any people or sponsors you would like to mention?

Regman: First, I would like to thank my parents for teaching me to be a good individual and to work hard. Without them, I would have never started this amazing journey at Tiger Schulmann’s or be where I am today! I would also like to thank my coaches and teammates for always pushing me to the next level and to my sponsors Tiger Schulmann’s MMA and Tigear (the best quality gear out there on the market).

There you have it fight fans, Stephen Regman. Can’t go wrong with a guy that thanks his parents first and then puts the stamp on other fighters inside the cage! Make sure to get over to Twitter and follow him @Stephen_Regman! Until next time fight fans!!!

Tiger Schulmann's Martial Arts | Man with Saint Michael's Award

NYPD Sergeant & TSMMA Sensei Will Hamilton Honored with Saint Michaels Award by NYPD

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NYPD Sergeant & TSMMA Sensei Will Hamilton was honored with the Saint Michaels Award on March 23rd by the NYPD. Sensei Hamilton was honored along with fellow colleagues for the development of the Law Enforcement Autism Families Organization. The Law Enforcement Autism Families (LEAF) was formed to address the needs, issues, and concerns of law enforcement personnel and their families affected by the Autism Spectrum. Their goals are to formulate an atmosphere where parents can meet and exchange ideas. as well as to sponsor athletic events where persons affected by the Autism Spectrum can partake in basketball, martial arts, and swimming classes.

Learn more about Leaf –  here

Congratulations to Sensei Hamilton on being awarded the prestigious honor. Below is video of Will accepting this award.

Click Here to see video

Click here


Tiger Schulmann's Martial Arts | Group Photo

TSMMA Syosset Featured on CBS News for MommaCon Demonstration

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3/23/14 – Brookville, NY

TSMMA Syosset was featured on CBS Sunday Morning News for their involvement in the MommaCon event, which took place on March 23rd in Brookville, NY. MommaCon is a convention geared towards mothers and their children, featuring the finest local providers of everything that’s important to your family. From eating to exercising, to birthday parties and more.  TSMMA Syosset was a featured attraction at this year’s MommaCon offering a self defense demonstration, as well as a booth containing free class trial offers and a raffle of Tiger Schulmann’s MMA program for both adults and kids. The event had a great turnout and was a success. Below is video from TSMMA’s Syosset segment on CBS Sunday Morning News. The TSMMA portion of the video starts at 2:15.




Kickboxing Makes Weight Loss Happen For Mother of Two

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TSMMA Abington Father’s Night Makes Mom’s Goal Reality

before-after abington

It was Caroline Park’s husband who first sparked her interest in Tiger Schulmann’s. The couple had signed up their five year old son Graham with Sensei James Garzillo. Dad and son were invited to a Father’s night class a couple months later. When Sean got home he encouraged his wife to try. She hasn’t looked back since.

 Caroline was looking for something to help her with weight loss. At 39 years old she had put on unwanted pounds and her current routine wasn’t getting results. That included walking around her neighborhood three or four times a week for three miles and watching what she was eating. One class at TSMMA and it all changed.

“I knew immediately that this was what I needed to reshape my body,” says Spark. “During my first 6 months, I really improved my cardio conditioning and toned up quite a bit, however my weight loss was only about 8 lbs.”

Lower Gwynedd Woman Sees Amazing Weight Loss

The wheels had been set in motion though and Garzillo then invited Spark to join a 60 Day Challenge. That’s where Tiger Schulmann’s Abington students join together to marry training with a more strict nutrition regimen. The results for Spark were staggering.

Spark loves the cardio workout of TSMMA's Kickboxing program while building lean muscle and increasing her energy!

Spark loves the cardio workout of TSMMA’s Kickboxing program which also builds lean muscle and increases her energy!

 “I attended Sensei Garzillo’s nutritional seminar. He explained how to boost my metabolism by eating smaller more frequent meals and provided information on what foods to avoid and which to eat more of. I followed his suggestions and lost about 20 lbs during the 60 day challenge.”

TSMMA Abington Nutrition and Kickboxing work together to ‘Spark’ Weight Loss

During the two months of the challenge Spark created a habit she has been able to maintain in the year since. Instead of a diet the 60 Day Challenge helped her create a lifestyle she has been able to maintain. Now she has dropped a total of 45 pounds and is fully invested in her training.

Abington Kickboxing Keeps Training Exciting For Lower Gwynedd Mom

“I love it. I started (Intermediate Kickboxing) class about a year ago and just recently began Close Range Defense. There is so much detail to learn that it never gets boring.”

Spark takes Close Range Defense classes, learning how to defend herself if an attacker gets past her punches and kicks.

Spark takes Close Range Defense classes, learning how to defend herself if an attacker gets past her punches and kicks.

 That last part is why so many of Garzillo’s Abington students have seen successful weight loss. Many diet and workout fads help students lose weight, only to gain more back. Spark has kept the weight off for nearly two years and still looks forward to going to class.

Abington Instructor Pushes Lower Gwynedd Mother

“Sensei Garzillo is a very motivational. I always say that listening to him speak to us as we are stretching at the end of class is better than going to church!!! His message keeps me focused on why I joined the program, and why I stay in the program.”

 The Lower Gynedd woman says many of the talks resonate. Not dwelling on problems and taking control over the things you want to change, eating healthy and taking care of your body as you only get one. These are all messages that help her maintain her new body!

New Goals Replace Weight Loss For Spark

Now that she has achieved her initial goal of getting in amazing shape, Spark has some new goals to help keep her that way.

“I plan to continue training and improving my skills in Close Range Defense and Kickboxing and hope someday to be good enough to achieve earning my blackbelt.”

In the short term Spark concentrates on the process, heading to TSMMA Abington on her scheduled days no matter what kind of day she’s having. She says Garzillo has taught her to enjoy her training no matter what as staying home only makes her feel worse than having the mental toughness to stick to her routine.

The increased confidence in Spark resulted from the myriad benefits of TSMMA Abington.

The increased confidence in Spark resulted from weight loss and the myriad of other benefits at TSMMA Abington.

Her improved appearance and conditioning combined with knowledge of self-defense have all combined to give her increased confidence. It’s an amazing benefit she didn’t necessarily expect when she first started the program.

Family Trains Together

Now Caroline trains at TSMMA Abington along with her son and daughter. Both love Sensei Garzillo’s children’s classes and the three motivate each other with each new stripe and belt!

Just one more reason it’s been easy for Spark to stay consistent long after most workout programs have grown boring. Weight Loss is done but Spark will continue to keep those pounds off and TSMMA will always be a positive part of the Lower Gwynedd family’s life.

By: Sensei Thad Campbell

Tiger Schulmann's Martial Arts | Muay Thai Fight Night Banner

Strikezone Muay Thai Results – 3/15/14

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Strikezone Muay Thai Event – 3/15/14

Voorhees NJ,

Diana Zivanaj (TSMMA Ramsey) vs Emily Back (AMA Fight Club) – 135lbs

Zivanaj wins via Unanimous Decision

Justin Muslija (TSMMA Ramsey) vs Anthony Kluska (Daddis) – 147lbs

Muslija wins via Majority Decision

Damien Bailey (TSMMA Bayridge) vs Bobby Malcolm(Daddis FC) – 165lbs

Malcom wins via Unanimous Decision

Juan Vidas (TSMMA Hicksville) vs Jimmy Cavalucci (Daddis) – 147lbs

Vidas wins via Unanimous Decision

Tunde Lapido (TSMMA Hicksville) vs Josh O’ Reilly (NJMA) – 178lbs

Lapido wins via Majority Decision

Andy Segovia (TSMMA Elmwood Park) vs Linwood Lewis (UFC Gym) – 168lbs

Segovia wins via Unanimous Decision

Danny Ramirez (TSMMA Yonkers) vs Carl Gaeta (5 Points) – 147lbs

Gaeta wins via Unanimous Decision

Angel Rodriques (TSMMA Manahttan) vs James Peay (5 Points) – 175lbs

Rodriques wins via Unanimous Decision

Tiger Schulmann's Martial Arts | Challenge of Champions Banner

Challenge of Champions Registration has Begun!

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Early Registration for Challenge of Champions 36 has begun! Challenge of Champions will be held on 06/01/14 at the NJ Convention and Expo Center in Edison NJ.

Once again, we have easy online Registration Order Form so you can register at any time in a matter of minutes! Online registration must be done with a credit or debit card. If you chose to pay by cash or check please select that option below. Early registration pricing is $80 for one event and $150 for two events. This is a savings of $10 for one event and $20 for two events over the Late Registration pricing. Early Registration Ends 04/13/14 so don’t hesitate to take advantage of this great offer.

The Following Links below are order forms to register for the Kickboxing, Grappling, or both Events.

Before Registering, it is recommended to consult your head instructor on which events you are best suited for.

Click Here to Register For Both Grappling & Kickboxing Events

Click Here to Register For Grappling Only

Click Here to Register for Kickboxing Only

To Pay by Cash,Check
, Event Credit – Click Here

For More information on the Challenge of Champions Event Visit

Manhattan MMA Student Already Has Big Goals

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MMA Commercial Becomes Life Changing For Manhattan 7 Year Old

Tiger Schulmann’s MMA doesn’t exactly roll off the tongue for a seven year old kid from Manhattan. Eric Rodriguez had been trying to convince his parents to take him to Martial Arts classes for a month. It was 2008 and he would see the MMA commercial and immediately run to his parents, Laila and Robert. Problem was they couldn’t figure out exactly what he was saying.

Rodriguez with Tiger Schulmann.

Rodriguez with Tiger Schulmann.

Finally Eric was able to drag his parents in front of the TV while the commercial was running. Mom struggles to remember exactly how he pronounced Schulmann’s at the time, only that it was unintelligible and hilarious. In hindsight, she says, that commercial was the best thing that ever happened to him.

“TSMMA has made Eric want to excel in everything that he does,” says Laila Saad-Rodriguez. “He doesn’t believe in quitting and these are things that his instructors have instilled in him over the years.”

Rodriguez Immediately Passionate About MMA Training

I will never forget the night I met Rodriguez. I was calling the MMA fights at Ring of Combat and Sensei Lyman Good was providing color commentary at my side. The awe with which the young Rodriguez looked at Good that night was inspiring to me as an instructor. It was obvious that Sensei Good’s own instruction of Rodriguez had sparked a passion.

Rodriguez began his training as Sensei Lyman Good was securing a Welterweight World Title with Bellator.

Rodriguez began his training as Sensei Lyman Good was securing a Welterweight World Title with Bellator.

 It’s been seven years since that Friday night and a lot has changed for Rodriguez. At the time I think he was a Hi-White Belt. Now he is a respected Black Belt, setting an amazing example for other young Manhattan MMA students.

Manhattan Instructors Set Example For Young MMA Student

From Sensei Good to Sensei Jason Lopez, Sensei Uriah Hall, Sensei Carlos Brooks, Sensei Nissim Levy, Joshu

Jimmie Rivera and of course Shihan Ron Schulmann himself, Rodriguez has received amazing training from some of the top instructors in the world. Many of them have or still are competing in professional MMA.

That’s an incredible motivation to Rodriguez who looks to follow in those footsteps. He trains in Manhattan nearly every day, but also makes trips to Tiger Schulmann’s Headquarters and other TSMMA schools to work with the best MMA students from all over the organization.

Discipline of Karate Instilled In Young Manhattan Student

“He loves everything about TSMMA. He immediately set a goal to become a professional fighter and Sensei,” says mom.

Sempai Rodriguez has challenged himself in competition the same way he has seen his instructors compete.

Sempai Rodriguez has challenged himself in competition the same way he has seen his instructors compete.

Rodriguez took the first step towards an MMA career when he won his first boxing match in 2012. In 2013 he had his first Kickboxing match in Hamburg, Pennsylvania. That was set up by Shihan James Simpson, the head instructor at TSMMA Allentown where Rodriguez frequently travels on Friday nights to train with members of the Pennsylvania fight team.

Eric lost a split decision but the perseverance his mom talked about is apparent as Rodriguez trained that much harder. The Manhattan Black Belt will get a rematch in April, fighting for the USKBA title.

This was a win, but even in after a loss, Rodriguez continues to learn and progress in his MMA training.

This was a win, but even in after a loss, Rodriguez continues to learn and progress in his MMA training.

 “Since I can’t fight in MMA until I’m 18, my goal is to fight in the Golden Gloves Boxing, Muay Thai, Kickboxing and grappling until I can have my first MMA fight. Hopefully in Manhattan!”

Manhattan Teen Pursuing MMA Dream

Maybe by the time this young Tiger Schulmann’s Manhattan protege hits the legal age for competing, the powers that be in New York will have stopped politicking and allowed legalized MMA. One thing is sure, Rodriguez will be competing somewhere, building on a resume that already has multiple championships in grappling and at the Challenge of Champions.

Rodriguez surrounded by Shihan Schulmann (far right), his dad (2nd from right) Sensei Lyman Good and Joshu Jimmie Rivera (back turned) to receive his Black Belt.

Rodriguez surrounded by Shihan Schulmann (far right), his dad (2nd from right) Sensei Lyman Good and Joshu Jimmie Rivera (back turned) to receive his Black Belt.

 Rodriguez has benefited from the style of discipline taught at every TSMMA he visits. It’s something Tiger Schulmann himself learned as a young Karate student more than 40 years ago and is alive and well in modern MMA at each of the organizations nearly 50 locations. Its’ the reason Rodriguez has so many great training partners at all the other schools where he travels!

 By: Sensei Thad Campbell