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Tiger Schulmann's Martial Arts | Woman Before and After Collage

“You Can’t Out Exercise a Bad Diet”

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sparkle Peters 1

No one magically becomes overweight overnight but somehow we always expect to lose those extra pounds by some miracle, a diet pill, new 15 minute a day workout or by a wish and a prayer. I was no different. I mean, who wouldn’t want max results with minimum effort? So for a long time it was a struggle until I finally decided I needed to make forward motions and I started training at TSK. This however, wasn’t the moment it all changed around. Yes, I was absolutely enjoying myself and was working out almost every day but I never changed my diet. As a stress-eater I routinely ate my way through as much junk food as was necessary to get me through the day. And though I wasn’t gaining any weight because of how active I had become, I also was not losing anything or seeing any real health gains.

before after tsmma

A year later that irritating line that was always repeated finally struck a cord “you can’t out exercise a bad diet”. The moment I changed my diet it was like a switch being flipped, combined with training the pounds began to fall off. Discipline was necessary to maintain a healthier lifestyle and I struggled with it daily, but as the gains became apparent it grew easier and easier to maintain a healthier me.

By: Sparkle Peters- TSMMA NYC

Tiger Schulmann's Martial Arts | Men Face to Face

Lyman Good Returns With A Bang at CFFC 36

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6/21/14 – Morristown, NJ

Lyman Good vs Matt Secor – 170lbs

Good wins via KO at 4:21 of Round 1

Lyman Good wasted no time as the fight began, taking the center of the cage, pushing the pace, and scoring with jabs and low-kicks. Secor was game opposition scoring a takedown early in the fight. Unable to advance position or hold Good down for long, the fight returned to its feet. Good successfully defends Secor’s next takedown attempt and made him pay with strong strikes from the top position. Good takes the center the cage and has Secor backpedaling. Good connects with a strong combination that sends Secor down to the canvas. Good swarms Secor with stifling ground and pound forcing the ref to stop the fight at 4:21 of Round 1. Congratulations to Lyman on his impressive performance. We look forward to seeing him return to the cage later this year!

Tiger Schulmann's Martial Arts | Matt Secor vs. Lyman Good

Lyman Good CFFC 36 Ticket & Event Details

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Tickets are still on sale – use the link below and you will be seated in the TSMMA sections.

Friday June 20th – Weigh’s Ins are at 6:30 at Miami Mikes Sports Bar – open to public – 130 Route 10 East Hanover, NJ

Saturday June 21st – CFFC 36 – Mennen Sports Arena – Fights start at 7pm sharp -161 E Hanover Ave Morristown, New Jersey 07960


Tiger Schulmann's Martial Arts | Matt Secor vs. Lyman Good Banner

Lyman Good Returns to CFFC to Battle TUF Alum, Matt Secor at the Mennen Arena This Saturday, June 21st, 2014!

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Atlantic City, NJ – Almost seven years to the date, former world champion Lyman Good (15-3) will return to Cage Fury Fighting Championships (CFFC) to take on the Ultimate Fighting veteran, Matt Secor (4-1) in a welterweight showdown this Saturday, June 21st, 2014 at the Mennen Arena in Morristown, New Jersey. “We are very excited to bring the CFFC back to Northern NJ with a night of action packed fights,” said CFFC President, Mike Constantino. “Last show was a great start but this show will be huge.”

“I am honored to have the opportunity to return to a promotion that I’ve fought for in the past,” said Good. “CFFC has helped propel me into the bigger shows becoming a welterweight champion for Bellator. Feels good to return to my roots and fight my way up the food chain to the top. My goal is to make a statement in the welterweight division and make a name for myself. My determination and CFFC will get me standing in the UFC cage. I’ve had a good relationship with CFFC from the beginning and they have put out great production value with their shows. Also, the calibers of their fighters have been top notch and have helped march them onto that UFC octagon.”

“Lyman Good is one of the best fighters in the world,” continued Constantino. “He is a physical specimen and we are thrilled to have him with CFFC and give him the opportunity to showcase his talents.” Good is usually all business and at this point of his career, he doesn’t need any extra motivation. However, we he had learned that Secor was asking for the fight, it changed his approach. “I’m extremely motivated by challenges and adversity,” said Good. “Him asking to personally fight me galvanizes my focus and intensity during training and makes me work even harder. I thank him for the challenge and for the extra motivation during training.”

In regard to a prediction of the fight, Good simply had one word; “Win!”

Secor, who debuted with CFFC last year with a submission victory in under a minute, is excited to be a part of a CFFC main event and for the opportunity to fight Good. “When the CFFC signed Lyman I asked to fight him because he is one of the best welterweights in the north east and is an amazing fighter,” said Secor. “Opportunities like this do not come along that often and you have to seize them when they do. Lyman is an amazing fighter. His record shows that he has fought some of the best in the world and was the ex-Bellator champ. “I have the up most respect for him as a fighter.”

Secor is also confident he will leave June 21 with a victory as well and with that victory, more doors will open up for him. “I’m going to win,” said Secor. “Then hopefully I’ll get to the next level and get back to the UFC. “I want the world to see what I have to offer.”

“As soon as Matt heard that we signed Lyman, he requested the fight,” said CFFC CEO Robert Haydak Jr. “You have to respect that and whoever wins this fight will be considered one of the top welterweights in the country.”

CFFC will return to the Mennen Arena with a stacked card. Along with Good vs. Secor as the main event, CFFC 36 will also feature a number one contender’s bout for the CFFC flyweight title when Claudio Ledesma (9-4) takes on Darren Mima (4-1). Sean Santella (13-4-1) will also look to rebound from his first loss in over two years when he takes on Florida’s Chino Duran (8-7). In other action, Andy Main (8-1-1) looks to get one step closer to the CFFC featherweight title when he takes on New York’s Kenny Foster (10-8).

Here is a look at the rest of the card for CFFC 36:

Main Event:

Lyman Good vs Matt Secor

Co-Main Events

Sean Santella vs Chino Duran

Andy Main vs Kenny Foster

Main Card:

Claudio Ledesma vs Darren Mima

Diego Peclat vs Emmanuel Walo

Eric Roncoroni vs Shedrick Goodridge

Greg Quarantello vs Ricky Nuno

Corey Bleaken vs Diego Llamas

Andrew Aguilar vs Sergio Da Silva

Tim Lutke vs Donta Wade

Justin Bonitatis vs Jake Anderson

Jorge Martinez vs Robert Flores

Melvis Figueroa vs Shane Manley

Tiger Schulmann's Martial Arts | Louis Gaudinot

UFC Video Game Features TSMMA’s Louis Gaudinot

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UFC Video Game - Louis Gaudinot

EA Sports’ new UFC video game, available for PS4 and XBOX One, is in stores now and TSMMA Hoboken’s very own Louis Gaudinot is one of the featured fighters chosen for the game. The above image is a screen shot taken from the game, congrats to Louis on the achievement and recognition! For more information on the EA Sports UFC video game click here

Below is a video sample of the UFC video game featuring Louis vs John Dodson.


Tiger Schulmann's Martial Arts | Challenge of Champions Logo

Challenge of Champions Competitors

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Twice a year, students at Tiger Schulmann’s Mixed Martial Arts convene for a one day tournament to test their skills in both grappling (close-range defense) and kickboxing. Many students train several days a week for months leading up to the competition and strive to be the best at the Challenge of Champions. The athletes competing in either the grappling or kickboxing events only hope that each match is a testament to all of the hard work and sacrifice they have put into every class at their respective schools.

Challenge of Champions Logo


The days leading up to the Challenge of Champions competition can be nerve-racking. For many, it is their first grappling or kickboxing tournament. For others, they are Challenge of Champions veterans who are defending their titles against the skills of many worthy grappling or kickboxing opponents. In either instance, the reality is that all of the training in grappling and kickboxing classes was not simply just to stay in shape, improve self discipline or learn self defense, but to test the limits and find resolve in the face of fear and uncertainty by taking your training to that next step.

The enormous space at the Challenge of Champions encompasses three large sections of twenty-four rings that will host grappling and kickboxing events simultaneously. Crowds of onlookers wait anxiously to cheer on loved ones and peers. It can be daunting at first sight, especially when you see just how many people will be watching the grappling and kickboxing events and how many Tiger Schulmann’s Mixed Martial Arts instructors reside in the ring to which you are assigned. You want to represent your school and be victorious, which makes it that much more intimidating when you happen to see professional fighters such as Louis Gaudinot and Munah Holland judging your abilities. When your name is called onto the mat for the grappling or kickboxing event, a sense of sharpened focus and muffled quietness surrounds you. Your heart races and the adrenaline seems to be the one thing that is keeping your knees from collapsing beneath you. Standing tall in the center ring, a vibrant energy motivates your body and mind against an opponent that you believe doesn’t feel an ounce of the fear and doubt that you do.

Grappling - Challenge of Champions


A hand is raised after each grappling or kickboxing match, and those feelings fade away and become either the jubilation of triumph or the disappointment of defeat. In either instance, each competitor looks back on the experience with a sense of achievement. Although a large amount of competitors participate in the grappling and kickboxing events at the Challenge of Champions, they are few in comparison to the number of students within the Tiger Schulmann’s Mixed Martial Arts organization.

“Ultimately, the day one decides to compete at Challenge of Champions is the day you set a goal for yourself.”

Ultimately, the day one decides to compete at Challenge of Champions is the day you set a goal for yourself. Our goals are ways of advancing our self discipline and testing our limits to a place where we seek total perfection. We strive to be champions and seek acknowledgement for the attempts we’ve made at rising above and beyond the expectations of simply maintaining attendance in grappling or kickboxing class. But what is perfection? We make the effort to become better people everyday. We work toward a goal and do our best to get as close as possible to achieve flawless results. But is perfection actually possible to attain? Most people would agree that it is not. It simply does not exist. However, sometimes we get awful close.

“The Challenge of Champions experience has taught many competitors that both triumph and defeat can teach us how to master a number of qualities that are essential for any mixed martial artist to possess.”

The Challenge of Champions experience has taught many competitors that both triumph and defeat can teach us how to master a number of qualities that are essential for any mixed martial artist to possess. It is a pathway to developing humility, respect, and purpose. It is a way to enhance one’s ambitions by appreciating the errors made in competition, so we may learn from our mistakes and return again to a grappling or kickboxing event more focused and driven. And although we know perfection may be unattainable, when we acknowledge our flaws and our bravery to step in the ring, it is then that we realize we’ve already achieved something close enough. And that is why win or lose, all of the Challenge of Champion competitors leave there as champions.

by: Lauren Rose – TSMMA Vails Gate

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Undefeated Night at Combat at the Capitale 33

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6/13/14, Captitale, NYC

Julio Arce (TSMMA) vs Brian Burgan (SOO DO THAI) – 140lbs –

Arce wins via TKO Round 2

Munah Holland (TSMMA) vs Anna Shearer (Canada) – 132lbs

Holland wins via Unanimous Decision

Mike Trizano (TSMMA) vs Nazim Sadykov (Lions Martial Arts) – 155lbs

Trizano wins via Unanimous Decision

Missael Sanchez (TSMMA) vs Daniel Nesson (Combat Sports Center) – 135lbs

Sanchez wins via Unanimous Decision

Mike Fischetti (TSMMA) vs PJ Castigas (TEAM TOP NOTCH) – 175lbs – Pro Debut

Unfortunately, this bout was cancelled due to a no-show by Mike Fischetti’s opponent. We hope to see Iron Mike make his long awaited pro debut in the near future.

Tiger Schulmann's Martial Arts | Matt Secor vs. Lyman Good Banner

Lyman Good Believes a Win Over Matt Secor is Just What the Doctor Ordered

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Former Bellator welterweight champion, Lyman Good knows he belongs in the UFC and believes that by beating Matt Secor (4-1) at Cage Fury Fighting Championships 36 on June 21, he will prove it.

The New York native became a free agent in July of 2013, putting an end to his long stint with Bellator. Shortly after, Good tried out for season 19 of “The Ultimate Fighter.” Good moved up a weight class when he tried out for the show. Good was eliminated by Ian Stephens via decision before he could make it into the TUF house. That was Good’s time to prove that he belonged inside the octagon, but unfortunately he fell short. “No training session goes by where I don’t replay the experience and use it to grind myself through the grueling sessions that will help me win and prove that I do belong in the UFC!” Good said.

Good now faces a TUF veteran in Secor. Secor was on TUF 16 where he made it into the house, but was eliminated in the first round via a controversial decision. Secor has only been defeated once in his professional career. Secor most recently earned a first round arm-bar over Joshua Key at CFFC 27. Secor has been accomplished in his short career and Good knows whats Secor is capable of. ”I know that with the tools and skill-set that Matt brings to the table it will prove that a win over someone like him warrants stepping into the UFC octagon,” Good said.

Good has prepared for this fight both physically and mentally. Good said that he has brought in some Russian wrestlers to help with his wrestling. Good said that it is tough work, but the intensity is right up his alley. Good also wraps his mind into the fight. “I psychologically prep. I have Matt as my screensaver on my phone. I watch interviews on him, I study him, I indulge in every form of mental preparation so he never leaves my mind until the fight. Keeps me focused,” Good said.

Good is a very experienced fighter who has fought some of the best in the world. Along this journey, he has learned a lot through different experiences. Good has learned what is important and what is not. One of the most important lessons he learned was that it is easy to stand by someone when they are up, but much harder when they are down. “When you’re on top, everyone stands beside you. When you’re at the bottom, very few will stand by your side,” Good said. “I’ve lost to the best in the sport and have been at crossroads where I understand people’s loyalty now. It’s helped shape me as a fighter because you’re extra certain over who to value and cherish. That gives me a certain solitude I had when I won 10 straight fights and earned the Bellator Welterweight Title.”

The New York native is at the point in his career where he knows that he belongs in the UFC and that is all he wants. Good has changed both mentally and physically to make sure that his dream becomes a reality. A win over Secor may not put Good into the Octagon, but it could be an excellent start. Good is no longer tied with Bellator and wants to be known more than as the former Bellator champion. He is in search to be known as Lyman Good, the UFC welterweight.

Billings, Pace, & Rivera Earn Sensei Promotion, Kohler Promoted to Joshu

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photo 3 (6)

6/10/14 – Elmwood Park, NJ

It was a very special day at TSMMA HQ today as 3 long time students,and current head instructors were promoted to the rank of Sensei. Head Instructors Anthony Billings (TSMMA Princeton), Nick Pace (TSMMA Tottenville), and Jimmie Rivera (TSMMA NYC) all attended Tuesday Instructor training as the rank of Joshu for the last time. Following Tuesday Training, Shihan Tiger Schulmann, along with brother Shihan Ron Schulmann promoted all 3 to the rank of Sensei. After countless years training as aspiring students, leading as head instructors and competing under Team Tiger Schulmann’s the three young men finally earned the rank of Sensei! Congratulations to Sensei’s Billings, Pace, and Rivera.

Also Promoted today, was Ryan Kohler of TSMMA Danbury. The head instructor of TSMMA Danbury earned the title of Joshu today as he was promoted by Shihan Tiger Schulmann and Shihan Ron Schulmann. Congratulations to Ryan on the promotion. This was a day to remember at TSMMA HQ!

Below is an image gallery of Today’s Promotions: